İmamoğlu Gave the Good News of Sea Transportation to Kartal People

imamoglu eagle gave the public good news of sea transport
imamoglu eagle gave the public good news of sea transport

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlumade its 12th visit to the district municipalities to Kartal. After the visit, İmamoğlu was asked by journalists about the transportation problem of Istanbul, “Istanbul's traffic problem has many issues, it has many stakeholders. This issue must be carried out with the cooperation of citizens. Of course, we want to add the neglected maritime transport to the process in the most effective way. Istanbul has a very small share in sea transportation. We will increase it. We also have a 'Marine Workshop' on this subject on 11 December. Then we will hold a 'Transportation Workshop'. It will turn into a broader and all-encompassing meeting. But there is a fact: The most important part of this business is the subway. Our indispensable investment will also be the metro”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlumade its 12th district municipality visit to Kartal. During his visit to Kartal Municipality, İmamoğlu was welcomed by Mayor Gökhan Yüksel, employees and citizens. İmamoğlu, to whom the citizens presented flowers and an Istanbul themed painting, then went to Yüksel's office. Yüksel thanked İmamoğlu for his visit.


The first issue during the visit, which took place near the beginning of the working hour, was transportation. Imamoglu stated that they had reached 1 hour 15 minute by sea from Kartal to Kartal and said, bir A good time 1 hour is 15 minute. If we enrich and increase the berthing points, many boats in particular can be used in Istanbul. 11 We have a 'Marine Workshop' in December. Then we will have a 'Transport Workshop'. We want to bring the sea to life. Beylikdüzü shore, Kartal shore, Tuzla Shipyard made ISTAC with a boat 1 hour 15 minute we were able to come. Therefore, sea access in Istanbul will be very important in the coming process; but private, but public transportation. Of course, an area that needs subsidies; we know it. As a result, subsidies also exist throughout transport. If we can keep a certain share at sea, this is also important for the peace of Istanbul. Because sea transportation is more pleasant, more peaceful environment. We want to improve. ”


The views of Imamoglu about his visit to Kartal were as follows: “Today we are in Kartal. Our 12 district is on our visits. I hope we want to finish as soon as possible; but our agendas cause these visits to slow down a bit. We set the end of the year, but we're gonna have a hard time. We visit all district municipalities. We'il visit 39. We make on-site determinations with districts. With our Kartal Mayor's description of Kartal from his own eyes, how can we develop a joint business with IMM, what investments do IMM have here, what should be their priorities bundan We visit districts with the same agenda. We will make an evaluation with this agenda. I wish a productive working day for Kartal to create a very positive process with IMM. ”
After the speech, IMM delegation and Kartal Municipality officials passed a joint table meeting.


After the meeting, the problems of the Kartal District were discussed, İmamoğlu answered the questions of the journalists. Imamoglu, the question about what was discussed at the meeting about Istanbul's transport,, Istanbul's traffic problem has many issues, the stakeholder is quite; metro, metrobus, pedestrian, cycling, sea transportation, minibus, taxi, there are many issues ... This issue should be addressed in a holistic, truly synchronized and integrated concept should be served to the people of Istanbul. This issue must work in cooperation with citizens. Both IMM will have related institutions and the citizen will be in this cooperation. First of all, the citizen will understand the processes very well. Of course, we want to include neglected sea transport in the most effective way. Istanbul has a very small share in sea transportation. We'il increase it. In this regard, 11 also has a 'Marine Workshop' in December. Here we will talk, together with all the marine stakeholders, 'How to improve'. Then we will have a 'Transport Workshop'. It will become a broader and more inclusive meeting. In fact, we will walk the road by putting targets in front of us in the form of a master plan in Istanbul's transportation. But there is one fact: the most important part of this is the metro. Our indispensable investment will be the metro ”.

Am After Kaynarca, there was a transportation line that included Sabiha Gökçen. What's the plan for him? When will construction begin? Currently there are metro lines that stop; how many lines are left and what's the situation with them? Is the study started or does it stand as a signboard? I İmamoğlu answered this question as follows:


“We had already stated that the 8 line had stopped. Within these standing lines, they were obviously tender; but the tender line does not have project details. There are problems like this. For example; Mahmutbey-Esenyurt line is very troubled details of our line. My friends are not just looking at the tender line, but the whole process. A very hasty job was done and some did not have the chance to walk. Tuzla-Pendik-Kaynarca, the credit of which is described in the section on the lines of their work continues. Minor revisions are happening, but the process began there. Very soon, we will be there together with a process like laying a foundation, a beginning, so to speak. Our financial and technical efforts related to our other lines continue. We have another problem. We are not limited to the 8 line. We have other line needs in the future of Istanbul. For example, Beylikdüzü side is a very neglected area. It is a very important subway issue that we care about. Because 2-2,5 million people in that region do not have a metro connection. Even its only connection with Istanbul is metrobus. Already one of the most important reasons for the swelling of the metrobus is that the region is far from rail systems. By including all these issues, it is necessary to ensure that this 8 line starts with some project revisions in the most efficient way, and to measure new projects that need to be started in a very fast, very urgent need in the next stage, by measuring the efficiency of the project here and by providing the financing of the project. , intend to start processes. So in short: In the next 4 year, we want to finish these, as well as start a serious mileage where we are very efficient, very efficient. Moreover, our workshop will give us this result here. Our intention is to share a future projection of 2020 with the people of Istanbul at the latest in January. ”


İmamoğlu said, Esenyurt The tender of Esenyurt-Mahmutbey metro line has a tender value of approximately 3 billion. If there is no project detail, how could this money have happened? U The question is, “Of course there is a project detail. It's a kilometer design. Quit at a price. They're all being analyzed. So the cost is also analyzed. Of course, the format of the tender is also analyzed, but 'We started today. We have a complete project. The end of the line is certain, the stations are also certain 'is not a case that line. Let's say it very clearly. If it hadn't been too hasty, we wouldn't have met the 8 line. In a hurry, it was not well designed, exploration analysis was not conducted, and tendering processes were not operated accordingly; therefore, there is no financing and the current situation is experienced. But we have very competent friends. We are making a holistic and fast struggle by eliminating the companies that are awarded the tender, adding them to the process, putting their experiences into the business and eliminating the deficiencies they see there ”.

Imamoglu, journalists after answering questions with Yüksel, Kartal, field surveys. Imamoglu, who first made investigations in Kartal Square, "This place is crying" determination, gave instructions to accelerate the work in the region.

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