Minister Institution Channel Istanbul EIA Process Explained

minister institution channel istanbul ced told the process
minister institution channel istanbul ced told the process

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Authority, Channel Turkey's most well-attended of the EIA process for Istanbul, said it was one of the most transparent process.

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum held a press conference on the Canal Istanbul Project Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report at the Ministry's Main Service Building.

The institution explained that they have identified the projects that should be done in the region and said, “We have initiated the projects that will be carried out by our ministry and some of our municipalities, some of which are worth 100 million lira both in terms of rainwater projects, wastewater treatment plants, and to heal the wounds suffered by our citizens. Hopefully, we are expressing that we will heal the wounds of our citizens of Adana, as soon as possible. he spoke.


Stating that they want to share the 2011-year period of the Kanal Istanbul Project starting from 8, the EIA process, the sensitivities in this period and their responses to the claims, the Agency reminded that the EIA application file was submitted to the ministry on February 2, 20.

Then this report was opened to the views of all institutions, organizations and the public, the Institution said:

“All of the possible environmental measures to be taken in line with the opinions received were addressed to our report as a chain of commitments. The EIA Report, which was finalized, was submitted to our Ministry. Our Ministry completed the EIA Report on the 23rd of this month. After this stage, we are declared on hold by our Ministry and Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization and we open it to the opinion of our institutions, organizations and citizens for 10 days via the internet. At the end of the announcement period, we will complete the final status and final form of the EIA Report by completing the evaluation of the objections and the correction of our deficiencies. I would especially like to underline this. Channel EIA Report for Istanbul and Turkey's largest participatory process has been one of the most transparent process. "

The institution stated that they had open and transparent meetings with all public institutions and organizations and that the last meeting was held on 28 November.

Explaining that they carried out their environmental sensitivity at the highest level in the EIA process, the Authority said, “We approached the air, water, forests, soil, green, lake, sea, ecological balance of our Istanbul with a view to protect the environment and nature completely, and we carried out all the details with this sensitivity.” said.

In this process, the Institution explaining that they have made extensive participation meetings with municipalities, academicians, environmental experts, institutions and organizations and NGOs. “The EIA Report is a 1595 page report with its annexes and 16 thousand pages. In this report process, I would like to thank our 56 institutions and organizations, municipalities, universities, 200 scientists, media and citizens for their open ideas and support. ” he spoke.

Providing information about the current state of the Bosphorus and why the Canal Istanbul Project was built, the Institution drew attention to the density of the ship and sea traffic passing through the Bosphorus.

Explaining that there are 2 ships a day in the past, today an average of 150 ships a day pass through the Bosphorus and 50 thousand a year, “The result of technological developments has increased the size of the ships, the ship transitions carrying dangerous goods, and a great pressure and threat has occurred on our world heritage Istanbul. . " used the expression.

Explaining that they watch this process, the entire movement in the Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara with 91 stations 7/24 as the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Authority said, “When we look at the tonnage of ships passing through the Bosphorus, 2010 million gross tons of ships pass through the Bosphorus in 672. In 2018, 849 million gross tons of ships pass. This picture is increasing exponentially with the increase of globalization and trade in the world. In other words, even if the ship decreases, the amount of cargo the ship carries increases. " found the assessment.

Noting that this situation both reduces the maneuverability of ships and increases the risk of accidents in the Bosphorus significantly, the Authority drew attention to the threats posed by ships carrying fuel and dangerous goods.


Explaining that an average of 8 accidents occur annually in the Bosphorus, the Authority pointed out that considering this picture, since 2011, safe alternative routes linking the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea and the Mediterranean have been sought.

Murat Kurum noted, “Both the water quality in the straits and the safety of life and property of the citizens, the need to create a project that we will transfer to future generations by protecting our Bosphorus, the world pearl of the living creatures that will get away from that pollution. As a result of this requirement, as a result of the consultations carried out with a wide participation, a route is used as if one route has been determined and it is insisted on that route. On the contrary, 5 different alternative routes have been determined for this project. Today, these routes have been compared with each other, and this line has been determined as the right line for our Istanbul. Today, the 45-kilometer Canal Istanbul route connecting the Küçükçekme Lake and the Black Sea has been determined. ”

The Institution, which shows other alternative routes from the table, said “On the contrary, the most correct of the 5 alternatives is that the corridors of these routes were constructed with the participation of nearly 200 public institutions and organizations, by comparing the general, economic and technical environmental effects in the light of the current data and The Canal Istanbul route we use today has been determined. Studies have been initiated in this framework. ” said.

The Minister added that they started the works as of July 2017, tendered for the study project and the project process started as of 8 August 2017 for the completion of the procedures.

This will leave its mark on the future of Turkey, a precious independence for children, the Authority indicating that a future project, being spoken by all parties in the Channel Istanbul, especially in the last week, said he made them very happy to discuss.

Noting that Kanal Istanbul Project is a protection, rescue and freedom project, the Authority said that this is also an exemplary urbanism project.

Reminding the claim that the project will bring thirst to Istanbul with the realization of the project, the Authority said, “The claim that Istanbul will experience water loss is absolutely not scientific, it is totally unrealistic. Istanbul's annual water consumption is approximately 1 billion 60 million cubic meters. When we carefully examine the water reserve on the canal route, we have Terkos Lake and Sazlıdere Dam on this route. The Canal Istanbul route does not fall into the near conservation area of ​​Terkos Lake. The current yield of Terkos Lake is 133,9 million cubic meters per year. With Kanal Istanbul, the yield of the lake will decrease by 2,7 million cubic meters per year. This has little effect on Istanbul in general, only 2,5 per thousand. ” gave information.

Stating that the current efficiency of Sazlıdere Dam is 49 million cubic meters per year, the Authority said, “The efficiency of the dam will be 19 million cubic meters with Kanal Istanbul. How much is the difference? 30 million cubic meters per year. 61 percent of Sazlıdere Dam will remain in the Canal, but we will protect the remaining 39 percent. The effect of water loss here in Istanbul is 2,8 percent. What do these numbers tell us? The effect of the channel on the total water reserve is at the level of 3 percent. ” said.


Expressing that when the Melen Dam Project, which is the main water source of Istanbul, is completed, 1,1 billion cubic meters of water will come to Istanbul, the Minister Institution stated that this value is 34 times the difference due to Kanal Istanbul and even more than the annual reserve Istanbul needs. .

The Institution also made a statement regarding the underground and aboveground waters of Istanbul, and added: “All special measures to protect underground and aboveground resources during the construction and operation period of the channel were set up in the EIA Report. We do not expect a leak or groundwater swelling due to elevation difference. However, we will still cover the surface of the canal with a special impermeable material so that our underground water reserves and Terkos are not affected by the sea water, and we will make special curtains, barriers, elastic walls on the side surfaces. Moreover, the existing groundwater quality will be demonstrated by observation wells to be drilled. These analyzes will be done in monthly periods. Therefore, claims about groundwater and Terkos are also unrealistic. In addition, we are making a protective line between the Black Sea and Terkos, with the filling area we will make on the Black Sea coast, letting Terkos leave the water. Istanbul's water demand is 1,60 billion cubic meters. By adding more, we fully secure the need for water. ”


Recalling the claim that “Canal Istanbul will trigger the earthquake”, the institution gave the following information: “The North Anatolian fault line is 11 kilometers away from Kanal Istanbul, and the Çınarcık fault line is 30 kilometers away. Today, we are preparing for an earthquake with a depth of 20 kilometers and over 7 magnitude in Istanbul. To claim that a 21 meter deep channel triggering a fault line 20 and 7 kilometers deep is indeed an unscientific discourse. Then the car parks we built are more than 21 meters; they are also triggering. When making a claim, using expressions that have no infrastructure and are not based on a scientific report is nothing but misunderstanding our citizens. There is also this side; In the EIA process, we prepared reports on not only earthquake but also tsunami risk and all risks including disaster and flood risk. We have established construction standards in accordance with all kinds of disaster scenarios regarding the area where the channel will pass, the ports and the buildings to be built and the materials to be used in these structures. We did not settle with that, instead of simulations that normally go back 145 and 475 years to see how the channel will be affected by an earthquake, we conducted tests based on earthquakes that have been repeated for exactly 2 thousand 475 years. Ground movements in that region have been examined, it has been scientifically determined that Kanal Istanbul has no interest in triggering the Istanbul earthquake during this period. In addition, as it is known, the faults that produce or can produce earthquakes in our country are studied and mapped by the relevant institution, MTA General Directorate. When the updated Active Fault Map of Turkey in 2013, no active fault Canal Istanbul will cause any earthquakes are along the route. There is absolutely no scientific basis for the discussions about the channel works to be mentioned trigger the faults. ”


“The construction around the canal will change the temperature-humidity-wind regime in a short time and will turn Istanbul into a heat island.” The Institution also made a statement regarding the allegation and said that these allegations were completely unfounded.

Stating that the authority on this matter is the General Directorate of Meteorology, Murat Kurum said, “To put it in a nutshell, our General Directorate of Meteorology refutes claims that Istanbul will be the island of heat. Moreover, during the EIA process, we carefully and meticulously examined the Küçükçekmece Lake, Sazlıdere Dam, Damascus Nature Park and similar areas. We have evaluated the meteorological and general climatic conditions of the region and put forward the protection measures related to this. said.

Pointing out that there is no construction on the beach of Küçükçekmece Lake, the Authority said:

“This area will continue to be protected with natural site status. The continuity of the habitats and natural life will be ensured on both sides of the channel. Monitoring activities will be implemented in the form of species-based actions and activities with the 'Biodiversity Action Plan' specified in the EIA Report. Another unrealistic claim is that the Bathonea Ancient City, Yarımburgaz Caves, located on the shores of Küçükçekmece Lake, will be swallowed by the project. It is claimed. This claim is completely unfounded. Kanal Istanbul has nothing to do with the Ancient City of Bathonea and the Halfburgaz Caves. Bathonea Ancient City is outside the canal study area. Yarimburgaz Caves are outside the Kanal construction workspace. The canal project is not in question to swallow the Halfburgaz Cave. We prepared an archaeological detection report. We made all our determinations. ”

Reply to the claim that “23-35 billion unnecessary costs will be imposed on IMM's back”

Another claim is that "The unnecessary cost of 23-35 billion will be imposed on the back of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM)." The Minister of Environment and Urbanism, who stated that he was claiming, said:

“This claim is also totally unfounded, unrealistic, deliberate. According to the protocol, all stakeholder institutions and organizations should do their part for the safety and security of Istanbulites. The cost statement of 23-35 billion pounds is completely an exaggeration. The reconstruction costs of the infrastructure facilities belonging to IMM, which should be built together with the channel, do not reach 10 billion liras. Cost studies on this issue were carried out with the relevant institutions of IMM. Besides, whether or not İBB is involved in the project, we have the will and power to do the Canal Istanbul Project in the same way, no matter how we have done all the projects we have done so far with our nation. We do not expect the contribution of IMM to a project, nor does it intend to contribute because I recommend that the President focuses on the projects, as our President is engaged in all kinds of work except for the project regarding the future of Istanbul. ”

Referring to the claim that “A new tax burden of at least 82 billion Turkish lira will be imposed on the back of 110 million”, the Authority said, “The project is for the safety and security of Istanbul residents and the benefit of our country. This is too valuable to measure with a monetary size. The increase in international trade and strategic importance, which we will achieve when implemented, is likewise too large to be measured by monetary value. The project will be completed by using public resources in the most efficient, efficient and appropriate way. The cost of the project is 110 billion, not 75 billion. Our state has implemented many financing models before. We used many methods such as build-operate, build-rent, profit partnership in projects. Turkey had previously applied in many models. They are all evaluated together. In the financing model, all of them will work and decide which will be the most successful result and Kanal Istanbul will be made. ” said.

Responding to the criticisms about the project, the Institution said, "When ships have to pass free through the Bosphorus, why pass through Channel Istanbul by giving money?" He expressed that the question was occupied with absurd.

Stating that the ships passing through the Bosphorus are currently paying for lanterns, rescuing and healthcare services, as well as tugboat and pilotage services, the Authority said, “The free pass is not in question once. When you consider the waiting times of the ships in the Bosphorus, it is an important advantage for the ships that they prefer the Kanal Istanbul route instead of the Bosphorus. ” said.

Considering the last 3 years in the Bosphorus, the Authority shared the statistics of the suspension of sea traffic, according to the data of this year, each ship waited for approximately 14 hours in the Bosphorus, and there were 30 hours of waiting times when ships carrying dangerous cargoes such as tankers were examined.

The institution said, “If a ship will pass through the Bosphorus, tankers have 30 hours of waiting time, and another ship has 14-15 hours of waiting time. According to the data of 2017, the economic loss resulting from the waiting of the tankers reaches millions of dollars. The daily rental loss of the tanker over 200 meters in length reaches 120 thousand dollars. ” found the assessment.

According to these data, the Authority stated that if a ship waits for 30 hours, it faces a waiting cost of approximately 300-350 thousand dollars. “Therefore, we also see that there is a serious increase in total transit costs considering the waiting times in these conditions. With the project, we will bring an important process, which will lead to preference and reduce waiting times, to the project in our country and in Istanbul. ” he spoke.


Stating that claims that 2 billion cubic meters of excavation will emerge from the channel construction, Istanbul's annual excavation capacity is 40 million cubic meters, and that the excavation will affect the traffic in Istanbul negatively, the Authority stated that excavation is 2 billion cubic meters instead of 1,15 billion cubic meters.

The institution said: “The places where this excavation will be stored are not among the existing dump sites in Istanbul. It has no relation with other excavation areas to be built in itself. With the planning made on the Canal Istanbul route within the framework of the project, they will take the loads on the two sides of the channel with the conveyors, again with vehicles and work machines, and they will dump the areas we set on the Black Sea coast, and they will never enter or exit Istanbul. Therefore, the claim that “TEM, E2 will be closed to traffic frequently” with the commencement of construction is an unfounded claim. ”

Other allegations are completely unfounded that the Authority, the project scope of the excavation materials within the working area will be transported to the storage areas, he said.

The institution said, “Look, we have revealed a nuance regarding this issue. In order to prevent risks that may arise in case of failing to comply with traffic related project rules, both the investor company and the investor will follow up and this investor will be monitored instantly. This is also written in the EIA Report. Therefore, it is clearly determined in the EIA Report that the traffic load there will be examined and monitored. ” shared his knowledge.


"The claim that a new 1,2 million population will come to Istanbul is also made up." The institution said that the new population they allow in this region is 500 thousand people.

Stating that the city to be established on both sides of Kanal Istanbul will be designed according to the concept of neighborhood, smart city, the Authority continued as follows:

“Istanbul will be a very important project that will reflect our essence, our cultural values, add value to Istanbul, and will consist of areas where a tourist who comes to Istanbul should spend some time there, including R&D centers, university areas, and financial centers. We will do this project that will add to Istanbul. We will breathe with its social facilities and green spaces, and we will present 2 smart cities to our nation. ”

Referring to the claims that the salt water amount of the Black Sea will increase and its balance will deteriorate and fisheries will end in Marmara and the Black Sea, the Authority said, “As a result of our scientific studies and models, simulations and calculations were made for summer and winter months. As a result of these analyzes, it was observed that the dissolved oxygen due to the channel in any period of the year did not fall below the required order for living life. The continuity of natural life conditions in Marmara and Black Sea will be preserved within this framework. ” said.

Stating that marine flora and fauna studies and ecosystem values ​​are also included in the reports within the scope of the environmental status assessment studies of the EIA report, the Authority said that monitoring plans for ecology and water quality have been prepared.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's 2011, “Istanbul is now transforming into a city with two seas passing through it, today we roll up our sleeves for one of the greatest projects of the century.” Reminding that he gave the good news of the project in his words, the Minister Institution used the following statements:

“We will realize our dream of Kanal Istanbul for our country, for our nation, for our children, for 2023, 2053, and 2071 of Istanbul. I already wish that our Kanal Istanbul Project will be beneficial for our country and nation, for our Istanbul. ”


On the question of which regime the project will be managed and whether it will have a private law, the President stated that President Erdogan has no relation with Kanal Istanbul's Montreux Straits contract.

“We have a problem with Montreux, we have no problems. As stated by our President, Kanal Istanbul Project is a project outside of Montreux. Our Republic of Turkey as we have done to reduce the waiting time from the throat-induced vessel traffic density, these sea creatures on the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a project to protect the throat. Therefore, it is a project outside of Montreux. Pass the one who wants to pass, pass by considering the waiting times. But when we look at the traffic load in other countries, the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal, along with alternative routes, are the steps taken to accelerate this trade. it is a project built in that framework. It is an independent project, a free project, a freedom project of the Bosphorus. The law is completely separate, Montreux is separate, Kanal Istanbul process is separate. Kanal Istanbul Project will be carried out in a way that does not cause any harm to the law in Montreux. ”

"So there will determine the transition of Turkey itself?" In response to the question, the Authority said, “Of course. Our obligation in Montreux will continue, but in the end, we are doing our own project regarding Kanal Istanbul, we will also take our own decisions and run that process. ” said.

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