IETT Managers Listened to the Problem of Private Public Bus Drivers

iett managers listened to the problems of private public bus sofor
iett managers listened to the problems of private public bus sofor

The first meeting of the IETT managers and the drivers working in the Private Public Bus was held in IETT Kagithane Garage. 100 driver explained the problems of the driver and IETT managers took notes.

Private Public Buses are the most frequently complained subjects about public transportation in Istanbul. From the quality of vehicles to cleanliness, clothing to the attitude of the driver's attitude to receive many complaints about the Public Bus (ÖHÖ) rolled up the arms of IETT.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluIt was decided to hold meetings with the drivers, primarily to listen to the problems that are the subject of the complaint first hand.

The first of these meetings was held at IETT Kağıthane Facilities. IETT managers and 100 ÖHO driver who came together in the conference hall exchanged views. IETT Transportation Department President Erol Ayartepe, starting with the opening speech, expressed their opinions by taking the microphone one by one.

The priority complaints of the drivers were for the passengers who do not own the cards. ”Consciously in the use of someone else's card, the card should be found an easy way to cancel, the citizen and the driver should not come face to face” was among the outstanding issues.

Private Public Bus drivers said that the public awareness of the passengers should be ensured with the promotional films to be prepared. A chauffeur said, “We have passengers who want to get out of the front door and get out of the front door.

One of the issues raised by the drivers was that citizens complained to the Alo 153 Line many times. Complaints as a result of the large number of penalties written to them complaining drivers, complaints, such as photos or videos should be asked for evidence, he said.

Another driver said, minib The minibus driver, who wants me to sound the horn and leave the station, can complain about me by calling Alo 153 in front of me while the passengers get on the bus. ”

At the meeting, which lasted for more than two hours, the drivers were given a questionnaire that they would not write their names. The demands mentioned in the meetings and the answers to the detailed questions in the survey will be compiled into a report. In line with this report, IETT will clarify the steps to be taken to improve Private Public Buses.

Meetings with the drivers will be repeated at regular intervals, giving the opportunity to explain the problems of all Private Public Bus drivers and to convey the demands of the citizens.

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