BursaRay Station Names For Rent

bursaray station names for rent
bursaray station names for rent

BURULAS is preparing to receive advertisements in front of the station names in BursaRay. It is targeted to earn TL 3 million annually from 38 stations which will be rented to the brands for 2,5 years.

OlayDerya Demir Pınar'ın According to the news; Büyük The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its search for resources for investment expenses, is preparing to start a new era in BursaRay, which has buried the transportation burden of the city for 20 years. While serving the city population of 2000 million 1 thousand people in 300 when it was put into service, the station names of BursaRay, whose circulation has increased rapidly with the population exceeding 3 million in the recent period, are now broken. TL revenue is targeted.


In the ordinary council meeting of December, which will be held today in the service building of the Metropolitan Municipality, the agenda item to be discussed as the proposal of BURULAŞ is expected to be approved by the members of the council. When the proposal prepared for the rental of the station names in BursaRay stations is accepted, the tender process will be officially initiated. The winners of the tender will be able to advertise their name or brand at the station stops for 3 years. New names will be placed in front of existing station names and station announcements made from wagons will be updated by adding new names.


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