To be extended to Akçaray City Hospital

akcaray will be extended to the city hospital
akcaray will be extended to the city hospital

Union of Municipalities of Marmara and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Tahir Büyükakın, AK Party Izmit 62. District Extended Advisory Assembly attended the meeting. AK Party Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş, Kocaeli MPs Fikri Isik, Cemil Yaman, Ilyas Sugar and Mehmet Akif Yilmaz, AK Party Izmit District President Ali Guney, guest district mayors and district presidents as well as members of the organization attended the meeting intensively. Speaking at the meeting, Mayor Büyükakın said, yapan What makes us us is the excitement of serving this nation. I would like to thank all my fellow lawyers who do everything they can for this cause and excitement and work day and night. We do not feed a penny of the state to anyone unjustly. ”


Expressing the future of Akçaray until the center of Izmit Kurucesme, Mayor Buyukakin stated that they met with Kurucesme intersection and said, bir A large roundabout intersection will be placed at the toll booths in Kurucesme. We are preparing the project for this. We will meet with the Ministry of Transport as soon as the approvals are completed. If there is a grant, we will shoot the digging by making our tender there. ” 'How much service was made to the village of Izmit Bayraktar village' President Büyükakın also answered, "This village 6 million seven hundred thousand pounds in different business lines of investment was made," he said. Mayor Büyükakın reminded that we will take the tram to Kuruçeşme in the first stage and said, “Later, it will reach Akçaray City Hospital District from the canal neck upwards. Projects of a three-kilometer tram line have also been completed. When we went to Ankara recently, we also held talks about it. We will go back again this week and give the final version of the project. After that, we're going to tender. We will quickly take the tram line to the City Hospital. After these two lines are finished, we will move to Alikahya Region. We are currently working on three alternative routes to Alikahya. The project is not over yet ”.


President Büyükakın said, “We are carrying out restructuring works related to public transportation, especially in the center of Izmit,” and continued his speech as follows: “We have come to a certain point now, it is almost finished. In the past, there were public transportation lines provided by 44 town municipalities within the borders of Kocaeli. There were public transportation lines that departed within the borders of one town and could not take passengers when you entered the borders of the other town. Therefore, this structure needs to be taken inside a pool. because kazanthey have rights. There are some things we need to do to fix this problem. We will bring them together if we are lucky enough to get them all in one pool. They started to spread something like 'They are partnering the tram to public transport cooperatives'. There is never such a situation. We do not share the revenue of the tram. Because the lines coming from the south, west and east, all of these come to the center of Izmit. Over 750 public transport vehicles pass through the center of Izmit in an hour. This causes an incredible amount of traffic in the city center. Therefore, we need to keep these lines out by making transfers without bringing them into the city center. Its work is nearing completion. We do not give a penny of the state to anyone unjustly. Our reason for existence is to use it in its proper place by calculating even a penny.”


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