Waiting Time at Red Light Reduced 5 Times at Bursa Gürsu Junction

waiting time in the red light at the junction
waiting time in the red light at the junction

With the new arrangement made by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality at the Gürsu Junction, the waiting time at the red light has been reduced by 5 times.

In order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues its works such as road widening and new roads, encouraging public transportation, optimization of rail system signaling, and continues to breathe the traffic especially with smart intersection applications. On the eastern side of the city, especially in the direction of Ankara going to a halt at certain times of the day at a certain point in the traffic at the intersection Gürsu Junction was eliminated with a different smart junction application. A three-lane road was added in the direction of return to Gürsu on the intersection, thus increasing the storage area and eliminating the problem that the vehicles that would return to Gürsu prevent the vehicles going to Ankara.

Save time and money

The vehicle measurements made at the Gürsu Junction before the arrangement revealed that the project saves time for the drivers, saves fuel and decreases the carbon dioxide emission by reducing the waiting time. The average red light waiting time for vehicles using the junction before the arrangement was 125 seconds, while the average red light waiting time in the new system was 25 seconds. Considering that the intersection used 50 thousand vehicles per day, the vehicles were prevented from waiting at idle speed of 1389 hours daily, thus saving TL 1250 per day and approximately TL 450 thousand per year. In addition, parallel to the decrease in idle waiting time, the vehicles were released 4 tons less CO2 per week.

Querying all junctions

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas, Bursa, Kestel to the west of Nilüfer 30-35 kilometers of the line is collected on the right and left of the city, as a result of rapid growth in transportation and traffic-related problems are recalled. Mayor Aktaş reminded that intersections at the entrance points of the district also have negative effects on the traffic flow. In this sense, our Gürsu Junction is one of our busiest intersections due to the fact that it contains Gürsu Organized Industrial Zone. We have shortened the time interval at the intersection with our studies. Not only did we save time, but also a fuel, and we created a benefit to prevent air pollution. With this study, we have been receiving serious satisfaction from Gürsu Interchange for about 20 days and 1 month. All our intersections, especially the novices, will be questioned in this sense. ”



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