Arin Logistics in Azerbaijan Transportation

arinak logistics in azerbaijan transportations
arinak logistics in azerbaijan transportations

Our country, which has close and close relations with many countries in the field of foreign trade, has regular export and import activities with all European and Asian countries and Africa, Middle East, Far East and American countries. The countries with which our commercial relations are more intense are composed of neighboring and neighboring countries due to their proximity, and Azerbaijan ranks first among these countries.

Of course the primary elements of transport services between Azerbaijan to Turkey comes from export services. our Country Shipping to Azerbaijan There are countless logistics companies, each of which carries out full capacity transportation. As all logistics services come to mind when it comes to transportation, transportation companies are trying to provide comprehensive services as much as possible. Arin Logistics, which draws attention with its comprehensive works among these companies, offers trouble-free service in all areas of transportation such as complete truck, partial transportation, non-oversize heavy transportation, frigo tr transportation and container transportation services, and also works in areas such as storage, customs clearance and port services. operate.

Arinat Logistics, which regularly carries out partial transport activities in Azerbaijan on certain days by collecting it in its warehouses located in some strategic cities, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, does not fill a full truck in terms of size and weight, and transports the product types that are included in partial or cargo as Baku customs delivery. Since its inception Shipping companies in Azerbaijan Our company has the ability to provide full transit and partial freight shipments planned to be transported from Azerbaijan to all European countries through Azerbaijan.

Transferring from third countries in a comprehensive transport TIR plate with domestic and foreign insurance firms moving directly in line with customer demand for our services and products transported through Turkey carries out port and warehouse. Our company transports all kinds of cargoes with commercial contents up to a maximum weight of 22 tons and can provide the most suitable route and delivery in the shortest time in the delivery of the loaded products to the destination.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
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