Samsun Sarp Railway for Country, Not for Region

samsun craggy railway
samsun craggy railway

Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO) Chairman Levent Yıldırım said, “Samsun Sarp Railway is a project which is more urgent in terms of the country and the region. If a railway will be built in the region, this should be Samsun Sarp Railway. ”


Army TSO Parliament Speaker Levent Yildirim, Gumushane TSO President Ismail Akcay "Erzincan-Gumushane-Trabzon and the railway line will continue to be the most accurate line and route" replied. Eastern Black Sea and Turkey for the Samsun-steep railway Yildirim pointed out that more important, "This is a transit route. There is also a serious tourism potential from Samsun to Sarp, as well as a commercial potential. It doesn't make sense for me to ignore it and interpret it..


Pointing out that the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project is an important project for Turkey rather than the provinces of the Eastern Black Sea Region, Yıldırım said, “While it is said that among the railways to be built in the region, it should be implemented immediately, it should be the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project. The heart desires that such projects are implemented everywhere. The Eastern Black Sea Region has a serious potential. In this context, the development of regional tourism, the depth of trade kazanSamsun-Sarp is a more urgent project," he said.


Noting that it would not be right to make additional connections before the Samsun-Sarp Railway Project, Yıldırım said: “Because the opportunities of our state are limited. It will be much more rational to use the means of our state correctly. Therefore, Samsun-Sarp Railway Project is a project that should have priority over Trabzon-Erzincan-Gümüşhane Project. Additional connections can be made later. For this reason, both chambers of commerce and the ministries of the state should really mobilize this issue as soon as possible. (Mustafa Kırlak - Army Event)

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