Press Release Regarding the Privatization of Railways

Press Statement Against Privatization Practices of Railways: United Transport Workers Union (BTS) issued a press release against the privatization practices of railways.

United Transport Employees Union (BTS) made a press statement against the privatization practices of the railways. Cetinkaya, "Railway service, which commodify the money and the right of access to commercialize subtracting from being public services to benefit in a more expensive way of this service is cheap and precarious labor Turkey plans to open the way for the use of railway bill on the liberalization of the transport council was brought to the General Assembly and in spite of the struggle by the union After the bill was adopted by parliament, 1 was published in the official newspaper on May 2013 and entered into force. After the 1995 years and the steps taken under the name of the restructuring of the railroads at the point reached today, the railway's 158 annual corporate functioning was set aside. TCDD management aside from the dimensions such as merit, career, success and so on, aside from being treated as biased, assignments are made to the cadres who want information, experience and experience, together with political cadres, and without political qualifications. After the enactment of the railway law aiming to eliminate the liquidation of TCDD and the rights of the employees, we expressed our concerns about the future of the personnel in the opinions and meetings with the TCDD executives and asked whether any action would be taken on our questions regarding whether there would be any work on this matter and whether there would be anything. Contrary to these statements of TCDD management, some of the workplaces were closed and some of them were merged and some of the personnel were appointed outside their own desires. Finally, under the name of optimization, the location of 519 staff was changed outside of their own wishes, while some workplaces were merged and closed. Therefore, in the light of all these facts, in order to inform the public about the negative conditions we are in, and to show our reaction, we have taken this decision to walk under the name of Yür We Walk Against the Privatization Practices of the Railways' and we continue our march as the Istanbul branch of the walk that starts from the 5 arm in the railways Bu.
After the press release, the group shouted slogans.

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