Example Behavior of Transportation Tradesmen in Antalya

sample behavior from transportation trades in Antalya
sample behavior from transportation trades in Antalya

Public transport trades Peace Sozen, the Iranian tourist on the bus in the 30 thousand pounds of foreign currency and TL has delivered to the owner of the wallet. The Iranian tourist thanked the driver for his sensitive behavior.

Iranian Tourist Ali Jafari dropped his wallet at the VS22 Sarisu-Old Varsak Line used by public transport trades Barış Sözen on Tuesday evening in 18. After getting off the bus, Jafari realized that he had lost his wallet. He called the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Call Center and reported the situation. Bus driver Baris Sozen, completing the expedition on his way home, call center on the call from the call center stopping on the call did. Barış Sözen, who found the wallet and saw 5 thousand Dollars, 100 Swiss Francs and 1115 TL and credit cards in it, conveyed the issue to the call center. Immediately, the Iranian tourist who lost his wallet was contacted and informed that the wallet was safe and that he should come to Sarısu Storage Area for delivery.


Barış Sözen, the bus driver who kept the wallet he found in his vehicle, returned to the Sarısu Storage Area and delivered to the Iranian Tourist Ali Jafari on the bus under the supervision of Serkan Gündoğmuş, the director of the Public Transportation Branch Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality. Ali Jafari expressed his happiness by thanking the metropolitan transportation authorities for their sensitive behavior.

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