Mercenary boarding is being lifted in Gebze, Darıca, Dilovası and Çayırova

gebze darica dilovasi and mercenaries in cayirovada are removed
gebze darica dilovasi and mercenaries in cayirovada are removed

Public transportation vehicles serving throughout Kocaeli have gradually started to move to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's electronic toll collection (KentCard) system since 2009. With the transition to the KentKart system, tolls were gradually removed and as of today, 90 percent of the vehicles have started to use this system. Mercenary boarding in public transportation vehicles in Izmit-Derince and Korfez districts has been abolished previously.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, KentKart system after the transition to the vehicles began to be gradually removed from the cash-money boarding. 1 November 2019 will be put into service in Gebze-Darıca-Dilovası-Çayırova districts starting from Friday. 1 From Friday to November, citizens will use KentKart when they board public transport from these districts. In practice, citizens who want to make public transport vehicles with money, the driver card in the car with the normal card boarding fee to pay the additional 1 TL will benefit from public transport services.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality warned the transporters in the region to inform the drivers and to help the citizens. The metropolitan municipality may also require the operator of the electronic toll collection system to take the necessary measures in the region; increased the number of dealership and increased the number of automatic filling devices.

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