IETT Managers Met with Citizens in Sultanbeyli Bus

ibb managers met with citizens on the sultanbeyli bus
ibb managers met with citizens on the sultanbeyli bus

IMM Council Members and IETT managers traveled on the 11US (Uskudar-Sultanbeyli) line. In fact, members of parliament and bureaucrats, chatting with citizens listened to problems and suggestions.

“Passenger Meetings ği, which IETT, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), realized in order to learn the experiences and demands of the passengers themselves, landed on the field.

IMM Assembly Members Mesut Kösedağ and Birkan Birol Yıldız, CHP Sultanbeyli District President Murat Kantekin and İETT General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa, Anadolu Site Management Manager Fatih Özcan and Anatolia Region Transportation Planning Manager Ahmet Fuat Taşdemir attended the meeting.

11US (Uskudar-Sultanbeyli) line of traveling by listening to the problems of citizens and bureaucrats councilors, identified areas that are open to improvement on the line. Citizens also shared their travel experiences, exchanging ideas with bureaucrats.

Politicians and IETT executives in front of the passengers, stating that they were very surprised, expressed their happiness for listening to problems. Bus line indicating that the density of citizens, demanded to increase the number of flights.

Inspection trips for the detection of problems on the spot, in the coming days will continue unabated in other bus lines.

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