BTK Railroad Women's Hand

btk railway touched the woman's hand
btk railway touched the woman's hand

İrem Nur Çetiner, an engineer who works as a single woman in the team of approximately 130 in the Kars Logistics Center, which is an important center for the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway that connects Asia and Europe, is undergoing the responsibility and happiness of taking part in the big project.

İrem Nur Çetiner, a native of Çankırı, 24, studied at the Rail Systems Engineering Department of Karabük University. After graduating from the Department of Rail Systems Engineering, Çetiner started his career at Kars Logistics Center as a rail systems engineer within the company.

Çetiner said that there is no gender in the profession. Çetiner, 130 percent completed 80 thousand square meters in the construction site wearing a work vest and helmet wearing construction helmets continue to follow the construction and control of the woman is meticulous. Çetiner, who has meetings with his male colleagues, also controls the work done by the workers, and from time to time performs welding work with the welding machine.

Çetiner, stressing that the railway job is difficult but women can also do this job, stating that women can do every job after they want it, where today's rails and sleepers are placed, pouring concrete on the rails, I'm being held on hand because I'm the only woman here, July Kars Logistics Center, which is planned to be opened in 2020, said that after the work, I aim to take part in other projects.

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