Digital Transformation in Transportation in Bursa is at the Door

digital transformation at the door
digital transformation at the door

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, said that they are preparing to ensure that all transactions can be done digitally in transportation, “After a very short time, the citizens of Bursa can perform all transportation operations online and from mobile phones”.

Mayor Aktaş attended the session on Kurumsal Effective Institutionalization in Public Transport ünde on the second day of Marmara International City Forum (MARUF) organized by the Union of Marmara Municipalities (MBB). The session, which was held in Emirgan-1 Hall of Istanbul Congress Center, was conducted by Kaan Yıldızgöz, Senior Director of International Public Transport Association (UITP). In addition to President Aktaş, UITP Senior Expert Jaspal Singh, Dakar City Transportation Council General Manager Ndeye Gueye, Kayseri Transportation General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Orhan Demir participated in the session.

Our motto in management, 3z formula

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, in his speech, Bursa close to 450 bus, 37 station, 54 kilometers of subway network and 400'e public bus close to the people said. The most critical issue in urban transport is to meet the expectations of passengers in a timely manner, with the right solution and sustainable way to express President Aktas, in order to achieve this need to institutionalize the transportation systems, he said. Stating that they created motto that can be explained as 3z in Bursa in this direction, they manage urban transportation with an effortless, timely and timeless formula. Başkan We provide subsidies to disadvantaged groups. We have integrated microbus application into our transportation system for uninterrupted transportation to every point of the city. We will make the transportation more fluid with Acemler project, which we will start to build soon. We are expanding our metro network to Bursa City Hospital and Uludağ University, located at the extreme points of the city. ”

All transactions can be done online

Mayor Alinur Aktaş announced that they will launch the digital transformation and Electronic Fare Collection System (EÜTS) that will work in Bursa in a very short time. Citizens 'with the steps to be taken' all transport operations can be done without leaving their homes, Mayor Aktas said, “Fellow citizens, online refill, online visa, qr code ticket, mobile wire pass, mobile wire will be able to perform transactions such as payment. The elderly and student card visas can be issued online without leaving home. ”

"Turkey's most Zams the municipality"

President Aktaş stated that they pay attention not to increase the share of transportation in the budget of the narrow income with price adjustments below inflation. Emphasizing that the 26 percentages made to the minimum wage are the only 11 percentages for transportation in Bursa, Mayor Aktaş stressed that kast This is what we mean by timeless transportation. that the minimum price regulation in the big cities, providing the most economical transport with Turkey's subscription card, we apply the distinction of being the municipality that low transfer fees. In addition, our students are not affected by all these arrangements. The students have not faced any hike applications since the day we took office ”.

Transport investments all over the city

President Aktaş, in his speech touched on investments in transportation. Stating that they recently added 25 new buses to the fleet and increased daily passenger carrying capacity with this investment, they also provided relief especially on busy lines. In addition to this, we provide capacity increase with truss investment and subway arrangement. We achieved significant relief in traffic with smart intersections. We continue to spread this practice all over our city. Kul

'Play Marmara' performance by Mayor Aktaş

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş participated in the 'Play Marmara' event at the Marmara Urban Forum organized at the Istanbul Congress Center, where other mayors took part. At the event organized at Beylerbeyi-2 Hall, Mayor Aktaş depicted the investments on the Bursa map with the play materials given to him.

Mayor Aktaş also visited the stand opened by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of MARUF.



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