Preparing for Çambaşı Ski Center Season

cambasi ski resort is preparing for the season
cambasi ski resort is preparing for the season

Turkey's Çambaşı remarkable distinction of being the closest to the sea is preparing for the ski season Ski 2019-2020.

Çambaşı Ski Center which is located on 2000 acres at an altitude of 650 by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and is located at 52 km distance from the city center; Four Seasons Çambaşı Hotel, Slalom Café Restaurant, Zirve Café, snack food buffets, ski and sled rooms are made ready for the winter season.

Çambaşı Nature Facility, which is the favorite of ski lovers in the region, is preparing new ski runs, afforestation of ski runs, maintenance of chairlifts, arranging the gathering area, rehabilitation of surface waters and many more.

In the past seasons, the activities of the skiers with the suggestions of the new season is planned to be brought to the winter season. Çambaşı Ski Center, which will serve local, national and international skiers, will also host the competitions to be held at the national level.

Skiers 2019-2020 ski season will have a fun season with new tracks and new social day-to-day facilities.

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