Aydın Denizli Double Line Railway Works Start at 2020

aydin denizli double track railway works start at
aydin denizli double track railway works start at

AK Party Aydin Deputy Metin Yavuz, which constitutes an important place on the agenda for a while in Aydin 'Double Line Railway Project' will be initiated in relation to 2020, he said.

Double Dial Aydin Railway Project recently with regard to the realization of Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turan and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Transport Inc. General Manager and Chairman of the Board said that they held a meeting with Kamuran Printer AK Party Deputy Aydin Yavuz Stated that the project will be tendered in 2020.


Transport Minister Turan TCDD Transport Inc. General Manager Printer, Dual Dial Aydin regarding the acceleration of railway work Yavuz stated that they own the same evidence, "Already highways in terms of Turkey is in the top standings Considering the world-class quality. We need to be more efficient and advanced in the rail transport network. Railways already have existing lines. We're a little behind on this. When the tunnel to be built between Ortaklar and Selçuk in Aydın is realized, 45 will also provide a minute of time comfort. The new works are planned as both signaling and double-line. The launch of these works is also on the agenda of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. ”


Yavuz said that the works related to the double-track railway will start in 2020 in Aydın and said, “Again, there are factories that are built and being constructed in Çine Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) and Söke OSB. In addition, the double-track railway also contributes to fast and comfortable passenger transport. When the Double Line Train Project is implemented, it will fly Aydın. This is also conducive to the arrival of investment-oriented firms. Moreover, although we do not have many new areas in terms of OIZs, it causes investors to come to the new production areas very quickly. We got the good news that the tender will be issued in 2020. The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure said that it will be included in the investment program ”.


In line with the AK Party's goal of developing the conventional railway network, which is one of the 2023 goals, and building a 4-kilometer line, it is planned to make the existing railway between Selçuk-Aydın-Denizli, which is 183 kilometers, double-track. Aydın-Denizli Project is also the second phase of this project after Selçuk-Aydın. Aydınlı and Denizli will have uninterrupted and comfortable transportation with the completion of the project, which will start the infrastructure construction after the expropriation and necessary permits. (Aydınhedef)

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