New Suggestion Electric Buses Dreamed Tram For Van

Van for the tram was the dream of the new oneri electric buses
Van for the tram was the dream of the new oneri electric buses

Van has been waiting for a new model for transportation and public transportation for many years. The project could not go beyond just a preliminary work, especially in the last year to create a very serious public opinion on tram.

Van, which discussed the tram seriously during the last municipality, the tram project was shelved after a while. Although the tram project was implemented in many cities with small populations less than Van, this dream did not come true despite all the efforts of Van. In Van, where neither the tramway nor the alternative was put forward, the issue of public transportation, which has been widely discussed recently, brought up the issue of electric buses, which have been started in some provinces.

Van has been waiting for a new model for transportation and public transportation for many years. The project could not go beyond just a preliminary work, especially in the last year to create a very serious public opinion on tram. In the last period under the chairmanship of Murat Zorluğlu, Van Metropolitan Municipality did not move forward after the feasibility study and applied the trambus model for Van. While a new model has not been created in recent years, calls for transportation from citizens have started to rise recently. Roads remain inadequate, the need for public transport has not yet met the citizens of the city waiting for new steps for transportation, while some new transport vehicles in the west has changed the demand in Van. Finally Manisa electric buses began using a similar application from citizens in Van came into prominence as a new means of transportation in Turkey came the proposal can be implemented. Citizens expressed their demands for trams and proposed similar models, emphasizing that new steps should be taken in public transportation.

In addition to the traffic problem that has been going on for many years in Van, the problems experienced in public transportation still continue to exist. Previously, Van Governor Murat Zorluoğlu started the first concrete studies on the rail system and expert teams from Kayseri and Malatya made presentations about the light rail system planned to be built in Van. After the decisions taken and the evaluations made at the meeting, no concrete work started, and the tram dreams of Van residents remained another spring. In recent days, the issue of tram has been brought to the agenda again, especially with the public opinion on social media, and electric buses, which have examples in cities such as Manisa and Izmir, have been brought to the city until a step is taken regarding the tram project. kazanrecommendations were made. Citizens, who made statements on the subject to the Şehirvan Newspaper, should at least expect new and more functional public transportation vehicles to the city until the work on the rail system is started. kazanstated that it should be removed. Emin Tuğrul, President of the Van Drivers and Automobile Association, suggested that the transportation problem can be solved with the arrangements to be made at the junction of the old highways and the bus station.


Salih Ertürk, one of the citizens who made statements about the subject, stated that they could not react much when the passenger was full. “We want to go from one place to another when we want to go from one place to another minibus minibuses until the door is full. As a result, people cannot breathe inside. He wants to say something, he wants to travel more comfortably, but not to take a person standing on the road. We can't react too much. If the number of vehicles is insufficient, increase the number of vehicles and increase the number of trips if the number of vehicles is sufficient. There should be a solution on this subject, that is, a remedy for transportation. This mode of transportation and this situation in transportation does not suit Van. Van city center is quite crowded place. Especially when foreign guests arrive, people prefer public transport and the existing potential cannot handle it. A tram storm blew up last year, we really started to think and wait for this to happen in Van. But after our former governor left, this project remained on the shelf. At least let's work around until a permanent solution arrives. The number of vehicles should be increased and municipal buses should be made more functional..


Faruk Zafer, a citizen who shared his proposal with our newspaper on the subject, said, “There is a huge public transportation problem in Van. And things like the metro tram are also long-term transportation vehicles. Büy The use of electric buses by the Van Metropolitan Municipality is both cost-effective and more spacious because it is more spacious. ”


Selahattin Fidan said that municipal buses are less preferred than minibuses. “We cannot feel the presence of public buses for transportation. Wherever we go, we see the presence of minibuses more than the public bus and use them more. Already after a certain hour in the evening, the public bus is overtime and ends at an early time. After that time, we can see that the minibuses are working again. In other words, the city buses that should be in a normal city should dominate the transportation and the minibuses need to work as reinforcements for this transportation, but Van has the opposite situation. Minibuses provide transportation to this city. Municipal buses should be made more functional and blue buses should gradually be replaced by purple buses. Card system should be fully passed in terms of eliminating the halt in transportation. We should still not use the money for transportation. U


Firat Caliskan, who stated that the projects started by the executives in the city ended with the departure, said, vatandaş Indeed, people are ashamed of talking about some things. This city has problems and demands that it has been shouting for years. Whose shoulders on the fact that he hasn't been able to move forward in years? In other words, a manager comes and makes many promises in response to all these demands, but the managers who come after that manager does not put anything on the existing works no matter who they are. The work on the tram was one of the most important topics of the agenda in the near future, but there was no continuity on the works. Now transport is still advancing. All municipal buses should either be turned into purple buses or they should all be blue buses and their numbers should be increased. There are also problems with minibuses in this city, but there is density in them, but without minibuses, municipal buses cannot handle the transportation of this city. Land He said.

“At least make available facilities KULLAN

Ms. Yaşar, one of the citizens who stated that they maintained their hopes about the tram but that alternatives and solutions should be produced until the project is put into practice, said: People become unable to sit on public transport and breathe to one side. Municipal buses operate with a heavier system compared to minibuses and there are inadequate vehicles in their physical sense. Purple buses and similar metropolitan vehicles can cure Van's transportation problems. We have a dream like a tram for Van, but we can call it a dream. Because there is neither a tangible study nor even a work related to this, it cannot be implemented in a short time. It is our wish that at least the opportunities available should be made more useful so that we can at least go from one point in the city until we reach the projects we see as this dream.


Bahtiyar Aydın, one of the citizens who stated that in many metropolitan municipalities are smart buses, said, “Of course, everyone wants to have opportunities in transportation in his own city and there are multiple alternatives, but the occupancy in public buses and minibuses does not end in our city. To eliminate this occupancy, more than one vehicle should be removed at the same time or the capacity of the existing vehicles should be increased. Already, the public transport departs from the city center. Don't these vehicles take into account the passengers they take from the road? Almost all metropolitan cities serve electric environmentally friendly buses or smart buses. Related studies should be prioritized because transportation is one of the most important issues in the city. Ek


The President of the Chamber of Drivers and Automobiles, Emin Tuğrul, who stated that they are not against tram-like vehicles, said: and routes were shared with the public. Unfortunately, no steps have been taken. As I have repeatedly stated, we repeat, we are a growing city, we are not against such projects. Our city is finished because the tram came, we can not say we are dead. Our city is constantly growing, will be good on behalf of the city. Even though there are other metropolitan cities, why shouldn't we have the best and the best? It is worth noting that, public transportation in our province is moving on its own. Density occurs in the morning and evening hours, other vehicles have to come and go empty, some stops may be an exception. The other one, every time we said, we expressed. In our city, fast commuting vehicles are preferred. Here, the preference of our citizens who want to go quickly is in favor of minibuses. Another problem of the density experienced in minibuses stems from this ”.

Şehrivan Newspaper

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