Atabey Ferry Road Both Expanded and Paved

atabey ferry way both expanded and paved
atabey ferry way both expanded and paved

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality completed the expansion and paving works of Battalgazi Atabey İskele road.

In addition to the new road works, the rehabilitation of the existing roads and the standards made by the Metropolitan Municipality, in the Old Malatya region Atabey Ferry Port has made the road safer and more brilliant.

The 9 kilometer-long group road that connects the pier road to Battalgazi from 5 meter width to 9 meter width, covered the road of the group with hot asphalt within the scope of superstructure works.

In order to make it easier to reach the changing loading places due to the rise and decrease of water, the Municipality also made line works on the entire road of the Greater Municipality which opened a new road of 500 meters near the park in the pier.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan made observations on the way of the group where the works were completed and met with the citizens at Atabey Pier. sohbet did. Cemal Noğay, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, and some department heads and branch managers also attended the trip.

Ferry Road is one of the important axes of transportation between Malatya and Baskil.

Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who pointed out that the group road is the most used road in the region in terms of traffic circulation, said that Atabey Pier and the group road are one of the important axes of transportation provided between Baskil district of Elazığ and Malatya.

Stating that the ties of Baskil people with Malatya are very strong, Mayor Gürkan said, “Although the district of Baskil is connected to Elazığ, it is closer to Malatya. It makes no difference whether it is social or commercial, it receives everything from Malatya. Our group path was a troubled path and our citizens were having difficulty coming and going here. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we made road expansion in a very short time and then covered the road with hot asphalt. Today, we were happy about the positive feedback we received from our citizens about this study..

Thanks to President Gürkan

Citizens from Atabey Ferry Port to go to Baskil expressed their satisfaction with the work done and thanked Mayor Selahattin Gürkan. Noting that the previous state of the road is very narrow and dangerous, the citizens said, “The road was going to be persecuted. Narrow is a separate problem, the road is a separate problem was broken. Mr. Selahattin Gürkan, our Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, expanded our way. Then asphalted a beautiful look. Now people are able to go happy and relaxed. We express our gratitude to the President. ”



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