MOTAŞ Control and Call Center was put into service

MOTAŞ Control and Call Center was put into service: The control center was established by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ in order to keep the expanding service network under control, to monitor the vehicles and drivers on the flights and to intervene in the lines immediately.

MOTAS General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgaci, who provided information about the control center that will serve on hourly basis, stated that the movements of the vehicles carrying public transport will be monitored from the center and monitored online at the start and check points.

The Tamgac; Tir In addition, while we communicate with our vehicles via GSM radio infrastructure, the LED information screens in our vehicles are renewed and last-minute developments and emergency notifications can be made via these screens. We also established our Call Center within the Control Center. Our citizens can now express their wishes, wishes and complaints about our public transportation services on our call center's 0 422 502 2 502. In addition, the 0 552 502 2 502 watsapp line will be able to reach us, Ayrıca he said.

Çakır: tedir The main pauses from the Control Center can be monitored instantly Çak
Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Ahmet Çakır said that following the launch of the MOTAŞ Control and Call Center, they could follow the vehicles and drivers who were serving in the field and they would be able to conclude their requests and complaints in a shorter period of time.

Cakir, "Metropolitan Municipality MOTAS Trambüs Maintenance Center Control Center within the control center through the main stopping points can be monitored instantaneously, according to the information from the drivers in accordance with the vehicles and equipment to create a fault record and maintenance of the defective vehicle will be provided for the direction," he said.

Cakir, hareket also offered with the MOTAŞ Call Center, the citizens can be answered instantaneously from any question and nearest bus expected to the expected stop, track information, departure hours, etc. information can be made by a phone call bir.

Citizens' notifications will guide our company
Cakir, ılarak driver errors and possible negativities to the center of the vehicle in the system can be monitored instantaneously connected. Thus, the response time to errors will be maximized and service quality will be increased. In order to obtain the efficiency we want from all these studies, we would like to ask our passengers to give us all their opinions, suggestions, requests and complaints. The notifications of our citizens on this issue will guide our institution. This is necessary for maximum efficiency Azami.

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