A New Era Will Begin With Railway Investments in Aegean Region

ankara izmir high speed rail will start a new era in the Aegean
ankara izmir high speed rail will start a new era in the Aegean

TCDD Transportation General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı visited 9 in October in Izmir and surrounding cities. He visited local businesses.

Within the scope of this visit, Yazıcı met with stakeholders serving in the logistics sector in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone. exchanged information on issues.

“The efficiency of the railway is increasing in the Aegean region”

IZBAN General Manager Seckin Mutlu met with the issue of the management of the Aegean region in the printer IZBAN Printer, renewal of the existing system, modernization of the rail transport system in the region, especially IZBAN said he was pleased to increase the efficiency.

Yazıcı emphasized that railway investments in the Aegean region, especially İZBAN, have accelerated the economic, social and cultural development. “A new era will begin with the Ankara-İzmir high-speed railway line under construction. The Aegean will be very close to Central Anatolia and other regions. ”

Hedef Priority target is safe and quality service ”

The printer is also the company 3. Regional Logistics, Vehicle Maintenance, Passenger Transportation Service Directorate and wagon maintenance and repair workshop directorate visited their workplaces and met their staff.

Yazıcı emphasizes that the priority goal of TCDD Transportation family is to provide safe, high quality service in four corners of the country. is important.



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