More Than 2 Thousands Will Meet With Readers At Istanbul Airport

more than a thousand works will meet with readers at istanbul airport
more than a thousand works will meet with readers at istanbul airport

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is opening the Istanbul Airport Library, which will host more than one thousand 2 publications, including hundreds of Nobel Prize-winning works.

From the literature to the children's playgrounds, the library will be a cultural resting place where passengers can spend time. Thousands of 350 literature, 500 children, 150 English, 50 magazines and 500 Nobel Prize-winning literary works will be available to the readers.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy will open in October 11 Istanbul Airport Library will serve at the domestic terminal where there is heavy passenger traffic.

National flights will allow passengers to spend quality time with their children on the condition that the library can be borrowed books on membership condition. Readers will be put into first place in the Istanbul Airport Passenger Arrivals exit Chapter Book Return Box will leave this book to those who want to be able to deliver as well as any public library in Turkey.

The library, which will serve in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will be accessible between 06.30 and 23.30 hours. 6 Ministry personnel will be assigned in the library where the infrastructure is provided by IGA.

Turkey's most prestigious venues, which will be created by the Ministry of awareness of the culture of reading at the Istanbul Airport, the creation of this service is easy to reach and increasing awareness of books and reading habits, targeting citizens to be directed to the library.

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