Istanbul Airport Smart Taxi Application Started

Istanbul airport smart taxi application started
Istanbul airport smart taxi application started

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Ersoy: “We will also talk to other taxi tradesmen rooms. If possible, we will voluntarily request that all taxi businesses be shifted by law if necessary. It is a system that has found solutions to many of the complaints from taxis and brought auto control and satisfaction to date. ”

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy noted that the transition to smart taxi application, which finds solutions to complaints about taxis and provides control and satisfaction, will ensure the transition of all taxi companies.

In the meeting held at Istanbul Airport Taxi Dealers Cooperative, "Entaxy" application, where airport passengers can call and make a reservation through the call center and mobile application, was introduced.

Minister Ersoy, Istanbul Airport Property Supervisor İsmail Şanlı, İGA Airport Operations Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Kadri Samsunlu, Istanbul Provincial Culture and Tourism Manager Coşkun Yılmaz, Istanbul Airport Taxi Makers Cooperative President Fahrettin Can and many taxi drivers attended the meeting.

Minister Ersoy stated that Istanbul Airport is an exemplary investment in the world in terms of tourism and aviation sector and stated that it will become an investment copied by other investors in the future with its applications and services.

Emphasizing that smart taxi service is one of the most modern applications in the world, Minister Ersoy said, “We will also talk with other taxi tradesmen rooms. If possible, we will voluntarily request that all taxi businesses be shifted by law if necessary. It is a system that has found solutions to many of the complaints from taxis up to now, and brings auto control and satisfaction. he spoke.

Emphasizing that the tourism training initiated for the taxi drivers working at the airports in Istanbul has also started to be given to the taxis outside the airports, Minister Ersoy noted that they plan to give a special training program to the public officials working at the airports.

Minister Ersoy, revising the 2023 targets, explaining that they have made a general change in tourism policy, said:

“What did we say? We will now target qualified tourists. It is important to increase not only the number of tourists, but also the number of qualified tourists. Of course, the important thing here is to meet the needs of the tourist. The more you can meet their needs, the more income you get from them. We are aiming to train about half of the 18 thousand taxi drivers in Istanbul this year. We have started intensely on this and we started the first application at Istanbul Airport. He continued with Sabiha Gökçen and is doing his third stage in the Historic Peninsula and Şişli. ”

Pirate Taxi Problem

Evaluating the issue of taking precautions for pirate taxi drivers, Minister Ersoy said that this issue can be overcome with the investment of taxi drivers.

Emphasizing that taxi drivers should invest in their vehicles, Minister Ersoy continued as follows:

“Your places here are your taxis. When you came, you took the blue black taxis we saw. The more you increase the number of these… We will only get results later with legal regulations. Otherwise, if you can not meet your expectations, unfortunately, you encounter unofficial practices as well as underground applications with every sector. It is first of all that you develop the fastest and most accurate method with applications. Completing and correcting the deficiencies seen in you… The more accurate the supply meets the demand, the more efficient we will get. ”

There Are Those Who Try To Buy This System From Abroad

Istanbul Airport Property Supervisor İsmail Şanlı emphasized that Istanbul is a city that attracts tourists as much as its population, and that the practices implemented should therefore be tourist-friendly.

Şanlı stated that they have great potential in tourism and said, “Our culture, history, gastronomy, our kitchen… emerges as our superior characteristics in tourism.” said.

The HDI Airport Operator of the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Kadri Samsunlu gateway to the world, Turkey's Istanbul Airport on a service concept blended with technology stating that they endeavored to provide its passengers, the final link of this idea was expressed that they continue with smart taxi application.

Expressing that they attach importance to the passengers' wishes as Istanbul Airport, Samsunlu continued his words as follows.

“I went to the USA two weeks ago, the taxi I board does not even pass near the taxis we see here. Even this shows that we do our job with high quality, we make a difference to the world. We have served more than 56 million passengers and we attach great importance to leaving our passengers happy. We see the smart taxi service as a milestone. This all stems from Istanbul Airport Turkey milan you even want the world to spread. We hear that this service is trying to be taken abroad. At Istanbul Airport, an application where our passengers can make a reservation can call a taxi via the call center and mobile application is put into service. With the system that can be monitored and monitored 7/24, the quality of service will reach a true standard. ”

Entaxy Application

Passengers who will download the application will be able to call a taxi to their destination or to another point with a single click. Empty taxis will be directed to the customer with calls coming through the application. Thus, the passenger will be provided with faster taxi access. In this way, the number of vehicles driving in traffic will be reduced for the purpose of searching for passengers.

In addition, tourists and passengers will be informed in their own language through the screens in the taxi. The system implemented in İzmir and İstanbul Airport taxis is planned to be implemented in Ankara and Gaziantep.

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