Billion to Gaziray Kalyon ASL

billions of gaziray galleon
billions of gaziray galleon

Billion Gaziray Kalyon to ASL: Gaziray is the name of the rail system project that will connect the city center to the suburbs in Gaziantep. Its construction started in the first months of 2017. The project consists of different stages.

SPOKESMANAccording to the news of Çiğdem Toker; “The 4,8 km long“ cut and close tunnel ”of this project has been tendered recently. When I say tender, again 21 / b. The Ministry of Transport, in particular, is passionately committed to 21 / b, the method of exceptional situations.

The tender made by the General Directorate of TCDD on September 3 remained in the partnership of Kalyon-ASL Construction with a price of 976 million 48 thousand 600 TL.

Kalyon Group is best known for its 3rd airport. Also with media ownership. (Sabah-ATV) The boss of ASL İnşaat is former Rize Deputy Abdülkadir Kart, AKP. The card received another billion public tenders two years ago in the same way. In November 2017, İSKİ made a bid of 21 million 842 thousand 830 TL in the tender of Kağıthane-Bahçelievler Drinking Water Tunnel Construction. ASL is also the contractor of TÜRGEV's Hayriye-Cemal Gülbaran Girls Dormitory in Kartal.

Kalyon ASL duo, Gaziray tender, the discount rate on the approximate cost 11,5 percent. It was quite a saving rate in terms of public resources!

Map of Gaziray Suburbs



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