European Mobility Week Events Started in Konya

european mobility week events in konya started
european mobility week events in konya started

In order to leave a clean environment for future generations, protect the nature and prevent air pollution, many events are being held in Konya as part of the European Mobility Week in Konya simultaneously with more than one thousand 2 cities.

European Union Delegation of Environment and Urban Planning Ministry, the Union of Municipalities of Turkey and Konya Metropolitan context of European Mobility Week events held in the Municipality of cooperation towards the first program to teachers in Seljuk Traffic Training Park and police personnel "Air Quality" was on training program.

The trainers who participated in the training carried out studies to convey the information they received to the students.


Afterwards, workshops and training activities were held in Selçuklu Traffic Education Park on the importance of traffic rules and public transportation for primary school students, safe walking and cycling.


Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Ugur Ibrahim Altay, cities and municipalities encouraged to take and support sustainable transport measures, 16-22 every year in September in Europe, celebrated in many parts of Europe within the scope of the European Mobility Week said that this year will be held in Konya from different activities. President Altay, “to protect the nature, to prevent air pollution and to provide a healthier living space for future generations in Europe on behalf of more than one thousand 2 will be held simultaneously to be part of this large organization, davet he said.


Different organizations will be held every day within the scope of the programs that started with the “Air Quality Trainer Training” and the activity of safe walking and cycling for primary school students. 17 will showcase the Ahilik Week march on Tuesday in September with electric and gas buses supporting fresh air quality. 18 will host a fresh air center for students, a social media event, a kite event in Sille and a picnic on September Wednesday. 19 On Thursday, a group of professional cyclists will come from Ankara to Konya with bicycles to participate in the event. On the same day, Colored Hands for Clean Air will be held on the same day with the participation of the protocol. The European Union Delegation to Turkey on Friday, September 20 President Ambassador Christian Berger, will visit the historical places of the city attending the event. 21 September Saturday 'Come on your bike' cinema event, while the last day of the 22 September Sunday programs 'car-free day event' will end.

Within the scope of the events, Deputy Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Fatma Varank will also participate in the programs to be held in Mevlana Square in September.

16-22, which is celebrated in many countries every year in September, is a European Commission campaign called “European Mobility Week amaç which aims to improve the transportation planning and public transportation system of the municipalities, increase the bicycle and pedestrian routes, and encourage people to travel with alternative transportation methods instead of individual vehicles.

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