Mobile Ticket (Pocket Ticket) Period Has Started in Ankara

ankarada mobile ticket mobile ticket period started
ankarada mobile ticket mobile ticket period started

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will provide great convenience to locals and foreign tourists coming to the capital city and the capital city while using public transportation vehicles. ANKARAKART Mobile Mobile (CEP BİLET) application.

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş, bus, rail systems and cable lines and private public transport vehicles can be used in the mobile transition application Mobile Ticket (CEP BİLET) application, will provide great convenience to citizens, he said.


ANKARAKART Mobile Mobile applicationNihat Alkaş, General Manager of EGO, said that EGO will continue to use the latest technological innovations in public transportation.

He underlined that passengers who can switch to validators using ANKARAKART and contactless credit cards in bus, rail systems and cable car lines can then switch to mobile phones as an alternative to these two cards.

Thanks to Mobile Ticket (CEP BİLET), especially visitors coming to Ankara 'ANKARAKART'ı where will I get?' or 'ANKARAKART'a where to load the balance?' shortage will not experience the General Manager Alkas, gave the following information about the system:

“Our passengers will be able to turn on the NFC (Near Field Communication) feature on their mobile phones, I site by downloading the application to mobile phones, the next step is to load the balance from the bank card to the virtual card. After these transactions, the system will be activated when our passengers bring their mobile phones closer to the validators with contactless card reading feature and the 4 TL fee, which is a boarding card, will be deducted from the mobile cards. ”

Nihat Alkas, General Manager of EGO, underlined that thanks to the system that provides a modern, fast and convenient payment opportunity in urban public transportation, all passengers can make transportation without the hassle of calling box office, counter, dealer.


After the introduction meeting, EGO General Manager Alkaş introduced the Mobile Mobile system by using the mobile phone in the EGO bus.


While most of the citizens emphasized that this application will be very helpful especially for those who have disabled children or relatives, Hacı Hüseyin Eskiören, who is a student in Ankara, said, “When we forget our card or if there is another problem, we can switch directly with our mobile phone. This is beautiful. ”

Emine Soylu, who lives outside Ankara, said, dik We came here for my daughter's education. When we arrived, we needed to buy a card to use the subway. Since we are also foreigners, it was a waste of time searching for the loading point. Thanks to this application, we can easily make the installation without switching card. It's a nice convenience. Memnuniyet


When using NFC-enabled phones in public transport;

-The NFC application of your phone should be opened,

-NFC application to use I www.ankarakart.coYou must have membership in

-After the membership process is completed, one virtual card section will be displayed, you can perform your boarding if minimum 4 card is taken to this section.

- You can register your credit card and debit cards to the system for loading, make balance transactions from the system to your virtual card quickly and use them immediately,

-After uploading to your virtual card, you can activate the option if you want to use the transportation or shopping buttons.

When you activate the -Transport option; You can benefit from the service by zooming to the validator, which is the NFC application section of the phone,

- In this application, each usage fee is 4 TL,

- Even if you do not have a personal phone with another user name and password, you can make entries and use,

- When you log in with a phone other than the registered phone, the password will be sent to your registered phone for the security of your personal information. After completing the password accuracy, you can access the transactions respectively, and you can also benefit from transportation services.

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