Sivas will be re-railway city with specialized OSB

Sivas will be a railway city again with the specialized OIZ: Sivas concentrated on the Railway Specialized OIZ project to be established in Demir Çelik Mevkii. The OIZ, which is expected to complete the expropriation and expropriation procedures this year, has already received parcel requests from 22 companies.
Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Osman Yıldırım stated that they will start to allocate a place in the Railway Specialized OIZ, which will be included in the investment program this year, and Sivas will be a railway city again. Emphasizing that there were important developments for the 2nd OIZ last year, Yıldırım said, “850 percent of the 61 hectares of land in Demir Çelik Mevkii was allocated to the OIZ. 39 percent of it will be expropriated. This year, the expropriation and expropriation procedures will be completed and will be included in the investment program. Our goal is to allocate space for investors this year. Until now, 22 companies have requested a land allocation of 1 million 500 thousand square meters. Metro wagons, freight wagons and spare parts will be produced in the OIZ, where there will be railway lines. We are doing parceling studies. We want to train them until the end of the year. As it is a labor-intensive field, we think that Sivas will contribute significantly to the number of employment. ”
Railway Specialized emphasizing that it has the necessary infrastructure of the city for OSB Lightning, "Sivas, cars and spare parts to Turkey from production areas in the Republican era investments Railway Machinery Industry Corporation (TÜDEMSAŞ) therefore has an infrastructure. TÜDEMSAŞ is the apple of Sivas. In recent years, interest in railways has increased in the world. TÜDEMSAŞ also needs to keep up with this and work more. With the establishment of the railway specialized OSB, TÜDEMSAŞ will come to the place it deserves. TÜDEMSAŞ was established in 1939 under the name of 'Sivas Traction Workshop' to repair steam locomotives and freight wagons. In parallel with the development of railway transportation, it started freight wagon production in 1953. TÜDEMSAŞ continues to contribute to the development of railway transportation by repairing freight and passenger wagons, manufacturing all kinds of freight wagons and spare parts. We said why not evaluate it when we have such a value ”.
Employment will increase to 1 thousand people in the 14st OIZ
Stating that the number of companies operating in the area allocated in Sivas 1st OIZ will increase to 210, Yıldırım said, “The center has a total of 1 industrial parcels in the 275st OIZ. 263 of these parcels were allocated to 195 companies. 134 of these companies completed their investments and started production, while the remaining companies continue their investments. Approximately 7 thousand people are employed in the factories in production in the OIZ. When the investments are completed, we anticipate that the number of operating companies will reach 210, and the employment provided will double to 14 thousand ”.
Sivas to connect to the Mediterranean ports with KAP
Stating that they demand to be connected to Mersin and İskenderun ports by rail, Osman Yıldırım, Chairman of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “It is very important for us to connect to Mediterranean ports by rail. Within the scope of the Black Sea Mediterranean Project (KAP), which will connect Sivas to the Black Sea, we will reach the port in 2017. The Logistics Village Project will be held in Bostankaya Location. Our regional deputy, Habip Soluk, is following the matter soon ”. We expect the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project to be completed in 2018. There are also studies to initiate direct flights from the airport to abroad and we believe we will be successful in this regard. Direct flights from Europe should start, ”he said. Expressing that the necessary promises have been made to include Sivas in the agriculture and livestock support program, Yıldırım said, "We expect it to be included in the scope."
We are waiting for a decision from YÖK for TOBB ETÜ's faculty
Noting that they made great efforts to complete the faculty studies that TOBB ETÜ will open to Sivas last year, Yıldırım said, “We are strongly represented in the government thanks to our minister. We received a promise of support from our Prime Minister and Minister. We expect the decision from YÖK to be issued. We will take the necessary steps one more time. A private foundation university, a strong university such as TOBB ETÜ, should be opened here. We will go to the end insistently. If not, we will activate our B plan in line with the opinions and suggestions of our industrialists. We know that the second state university that was promised and offered to open to the Turkish Grand National Assembly is also important for Sivas and we expect it to be opened ”.
We are also committed to thermal and winter tourism
Osman Yıldırım stated that they are also assertive in thermal and winter tourism areas, and 2 facilities are about to start operating in the Hot Çermik Hot Springs region. Sivas gets its hot spring in the new year. The only value that Balıklı Çermik also in Turkey now we come to the place it deserves in front of the open bekliyoruz.termik tourism. Yıldızdağı Ski Center is also very important for winter tourism. The hot Çermik Hot Springs and Yıldız Mountain will be the important tourism centers of Sivas. Kızılırmak Beach Project will also be implemented this year. The central government also gives support to the project. "One of the best works we have done in recent years has been to promote Divriği Great Mosque. We will continue to work this year to show everyone this great value."

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