Kop and Broken Tunnels to be Opened in 2021

kop and broken tunnels will be opened in
kop and broken tunnels will be opened in

Accessibility of Passenger Transport Service Project Erzurum in Turkey to attend the Workshop came to the city Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, visited Erzurum Governor.

During his visit to the Governor's Office, the Minister Turhan was welcomed by the Governor Okay Memiş and his deputy governors. Minister Turhan, who then went to the office with the accompanying delegation, received general information about the city from the Governor Okay Memiş.

Minister Turhan thanked the Governor Okay Memiş for the works and gave information about the tunnels under construction in Erzurum.

Tunnels under construction to be opened in 2021

Expressing that the rapid railway project is in the process of completion, Minister Turhan said, “Erzurum has made significant improvements in transportation. We are continuing our projects to develop and improve the infrastructure in our region for the further development of Erzurum. We are striving to provide transportation services that meet the growing needs. ”

“We can say that we have completed the intercity split roads in Erzurum so far, Bakan said Minister Turhan.

“Particularly, the topographic conditions of the region are high and they have difficulties. We are developing our bridges, viaducts and infrastructure to provide access to some crossings more easily, more easily and in a shorter time. In our connection to Rize, we continue to work in Dallıkavak Tunnel, Ovit Tunnel and Kırık Tunnel. We aim to finish our Dallikavak Tunnel until the end of 2020, and finish the Broken Tunnel at the end of 2021. We also have Kop Tunnel, our goal is to open this tunnel in 2021. Çirişli Tunnel between Çat Karlıova continues and we plan to open it in 2021. Erzurum is a railroad station that travels from China to London in the east-west direction of our country. Our fast railroad projects have come to an end. I hope we will start our work at the end of the project. ”

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