Selendi Became a Modern City

selendi became a more modern city
selendi became a more modern city

MASKI General Directorate, Selendi district center has carried out a thousand square meters of superstructure work 110 completed. MASKI Deputy Director General Erman Aydinyer Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun with the selfless work of the town of Manisa 17 said he gained a modern city atmosphere.

MANİSA Water and Sewerage Administration (MASKİ) General Directorate of Investment and Construction Department within the Selendi district center, the expected services for many years was implemented. First of all, drinking water, sewage and rain water networks of the district were renewed and an infrastructure investment of approximately 30 kilometers was made. Immediately after the lock paving and curbstone pavement teams, the superstructure completed the work. With the completion of the work Selendi people and tradesmen welcomed the services.

The town's face has changed

MASKİ Assistant General Manager Erman Aydınyer said, ık We completed the superstructure works that we started after the infrastructure works in our Selendi district. 110 Selendi has gained a modern urban atmosphere with its thousand square meters of parquet and curb works. We are working across the province for a brand new Manisa. Manisa becomes a more livable city with the devoted efforts of our Mayor Cengiz Ergün. We will continue our efforts to deliver the services that we deserve to our fellow countrymen. ”



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