The Change of Turgutlu Roads with the Metropolitan

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, 9 million 149 thousand pounds invested in Turgutlu district 343 thousand square meters of key parquet and 33 thousand 237 meter border renewal made. After the completion of the stage of the works carried out in 4 and a half year period, the citizens enjoyed traveling on safe and comfortable roads.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which struck a scalpel to the problems of the years with the important projects it realized throughout the province, revolutionized the roads on the surface of which wear and tear on the surface. 4 million 485 504 million square meters in the entire area of ​​the city laying a paving stone Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, 570 thousand meters around the border arrangement was made. Turgutlu district; Akçapınar District, Wastewater Treatment Plant road, Avşar Mahallesi cemetery road, Baktırlı Martyrdom road, Çatalköprü neighborhood, 2. Çam Sokak, Çepnibektaş Quarter cemetery road and its surroundings, Çepnidere Quarter, Çıkrıkçı Wedding Hall, Dalbahçe Neighborhood, Dalbahçe Cemetery Road, Old Town Hall, Gasilhane, Gökgedik District, Hacıisalar District, Hatuniye Street, Irlamaz Neighborhood, Irlamaz Cemetery Road, İzzettin Quarter Wedding Hall cemetery, İzzettin cemetery road, Kabaçınar Quarter, Karaköy Mahallesi, Kuşlar Neighborhood, Mimar Sinan Park, Musacary cemetery road, Musalaryeniköy cemetery road, Musalaryeniköy Mahallesi, Osman Öztaş and Sabuncu Sokak, Ören District, Sinirli District, Sivrice Neighborhood, Turgutlu District Cemetery, Turgutlu fire department and around the roads, Turgutlu TMO, Urganli District (Fire Department, Hot Spring, Cemetery Road) Yakuplar District, Yayla District, Yayla cemetery road, Yunusdere Mahallesi within the scope of the work within the 343 bin 880 square paving stone and 33 thousand 237 meteor esi 9 million 149 thousand pounds, changing and renewed Turgutlu roads; it has become safe and comfortable. With the completion of the construction work, citizens began to enjoy the convenience of transportation.

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