Kamil Koç Bus Company Sold to the Germans

kamil koc bus company is sold to the Germans
kamil koc bus company is sold to the Germans

Turkish transport giant Kamil Koç, who has been serving for 93 for years, will be purchased by German Flixmobiliy. The decision to sell after the disaster in Balikesir drew attention.

Turkish transport giant sold to Germans

The first bus company witnessed significant developments related to Kamil Koc showing 93 years service in Turkey. An application was made to the Competition Authority for the transfer of Kamil Koç to Flixmobiliy GMBG, which had a fleet of 1000 vehicles and was sold to the capital company Actera Group in 2013. In the application made to the Competition Authority, “Göksu Seyahat ve Taşımacılık A.Ş. and Flixmobiliy GMBH for the sole control of its subsidiaries. ve

Contact Kamil directly

30 kilometers away from the neighborhood of Gokceyazi Kamil Koç'a passenger bus fire broke out. 2 child 5 people were killed, 15 people were injured in the fire. 34 passengers in the bus learned. It was claimed that the bus driver continued to know the situation. Some deaths are reported to be the result of crushing panic.

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