TEMSA to Kamil Koc 40 Safir Plus

TEMSA Kamil Koç 40 Sapphire Plus: Turkey's first and leading road passenger transport company, Kamil Koc, continues to strengthen its bus fleet with TEMSE. TEMSA delivered 91 40 + 2 TEMSA Sapphire Plus VIP vehicle delivery to Kamil Koç, 1 annual brand of intercity passenger transportation. TEMSA Sales Director Murat Anıl, Kamil Koç Otobüsleri A.Ş. Operation Director Çağatay handed over to Kepek. With this delivery, the number of TEMSA brand vehicles in the Kamil Koç fleet reached 208.

Kamil Koç, 91 annual brand of intercity passenger transportation, continues to grow its fleet with TEMSA for the safety and comfort of its passengers. Turkey's leading bus manufacturer Temsa, Kamil Koc Bus Co. 40 pieces 2 + 1 TEMSA Sapphire Plus VIP vehicle was delivered to the fleet. The delivery ceremony of the vehicles, TEMSA Sales Director Murat Anıl, TEMSA Sales Manager Baybars Dağ, Kamil Koç Otobüsleri A.Ş. Operations Director Çağatay Kepek, Kamil Koç Fleet Management Manager Ömer Tunca, Kamil Koç Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager Hakan Al and many guests and representatives of the sector attended the 23 on Tuesday Tuesday at the Bursa Bus Station.

Speaking at the delivery ceremony, TEMSA Sales Director Murat Anıl said, “As TEMSA, we have been Kamil Koç's solution partner for a long time. With the 40 2+1 TEMSA Safir Plus VIP vehicles we delivered today, the number of TEMSA branded self-owned vehicles in the Kamil Koç fleet has reached 208. With our new collaborations, this number will increase even more in the coming days. We wish our new vehicles good luck to Kamil Koç and plenty of kazanI wish him to bring three," he said. Murat Anıl stated that they are happy to be a business partner for many years with Kamil Koç, who has always been a pioneer in the sector for 91 years and has always been an example to other companies. Murat Anıl said, “Today, 320 of Kamil Koç's 208 self-propelled goods fleet consists of TEMSA branded vehicles. We would like to thank Kamil Koç for their trust in us and their contribution to our success. We hope that this cooperation will continue to increase," he said.


Stating that their bus fleet has become stronger in cooperation with TEMSA, Kamil Koç Buses A.Ş. Operations Director Çağatay Kepek said: “Our main starting point in our 91-year history has been to meet the expectations and needs of our passengers in the best way possible and to ensure that they reach their desired destination safely. Our company, acting with this principle, continues to lead the sector and to be a guide with the innovations it has put into practice, as it was yesterday. Our aim is not only the differentiation of our company, but also the development of the sector, making progress in service quality. The sine qua non of this development is to raise the standards of passenger buses, to make them more comfortable, more reliable, and to provide a higher quality journey time. In this respect, Kamil Koç spends a very large budget every year on the renewal of the vehicle fleet and the transfer of technologically advanced vehicles to the fleet. kazandedicates it to its removal. TEMSA and Kamil Koç have been in a strategic cooperation on this issue for many years and acted shoulder to shoulder in the development of the sector, so to speak.”

Mr. Çağatay Kepek said that Kamil Koç succeeded to realize the growth rate of 2 times faster than the average growth rate of the sector almost every year. Üm The importance of TEMSA's cooperation in this matter is undeniable. The number of TEMSA branded vehicles in our fleet is increasing with each passing day. I would also like to express our gratitude to Mr. Murat Anil for his interest and interest in this process and to all TEMSA family. Bu

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