Ministry of Transport “Istanbul Airport” Statement

Istanbul Airport Description from the Ministry of Transport
Istanbul Airport Description from the Ministry of Transport

In a statement made by the Ministry of Transport; Aşağıdaki The following statement was required on the groundless allegations that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is present in some media organizations, is investigating Istanbul Airport within the framework of security weaknesses.

a significant contribution to our country's eyeball it provides to Turkey's economy and employment for the Istanbul Airport, one of the giant project, tries to create negative perceptions with unfounded allegations that fit into the ethics of journalism, the citizens of the value of the project with this approach is seen with regret that aimed to reduce the eyes.

17 has made a great leap forward in the Turkish civil aviation year and has achieved great success in the national and international arena by showing a rapid development beyond the expectations. Domestic flights to 2002 from 2 to 26 in 7 have started to fly from 56 to 3. In the last decade the international air transport sector in Turkey grew 2003 times the world average. In light of these developments, the number of passengers from 34,4 million in 210 reached a record-breaking XNUMX million. Undoubtedly, Istanbul has taken the biggest share in the aviation growth experienced by our country.

Atarürk Airport, which operates at full capacity, has not been able to provide new slots to many cities from abroad for a while due to being far from meeting the demands in recent years. Market share in transfer passengers 66'yı finding the Europe-Asia-Africa-Middle East corridor of great importance for the huge aircraft could not land in Ataturk Airport. Istanbul Airport, which was initiated with the determination of this situation, not only creates an additional service capacity for our country. Istanbul Airport is a collect-distribute-operate-transfer (hubs) as the airport adds economic and social value to Turkey.

In addition, audits are carried out within the scope of the Global Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP) and the Global Security Supervision Program (USAP), which are members of ICAO and conducted by ICAO in both safety and security areas. Our country has recently been audited by ICAO in the field of security between 4-11 December 2014 dates and successfully passed the audit with% 93.63 compliance ratio; It is one of the most successful countries in terms of implementation and regulatory compliance.

In addition, our country has been entitled to receive “ICAO Presidential Council Aviation Safety Certificate terek by increasing the effective compliance rate from 2008 to 2014 in 64.9 and 93.63 audits conducted by ICAO.

However, contrary to what is claimed in the news, ICAO does not have the authority to close an airport as a result of inspections, to stop operations partially or completely, to impose administrative sanctions or penalties on a country.

27 by ICAO In June 2019, the electronic bulletin ”ICAO Global Security Audit Program (USAP) 2020 Activity Plan esi announced the list of countries that will be subjected to security audit during 2020 year. 9 from said planning in the Asia Pacific region, East and South Africa 5, 9, which included Turkey from Europe, the Middle East 4, 6 from North America, 2 from South America, the West and Central Africa It is stated that the 3 country will be inspected.

While ICAO generally subject countries to audits during the 2-4 year period, it decides which country will be audited and how often, depending on the risk assessment, compliance with the country's past audits and closure of its findings. 6 will be audited again by ICAO after the interruption of the year since our country has a high compliance rate in the last audit.

On the other hand, in the same news sources, IATA also claims that Istanbul Airport has been inspected and inspected. As IATA is known, it is a sectoral NGO formed by airline companies and does not have the duty and authority to supervise any country or airport.

As a result, neither ICAO nor IATA has any audit or negative opinion regarding Istanbul Airport.

These reports are considered to contain misleading allegations of public opinion arising from incomplete information.

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