Korean Delegation Toured Railways Museum

korean delegation toured railways museum
korean delegation toured railways museum

Ali İhsan Uygun, General Manager of TCDD, showed Jun, Man-Kyung, Vice President of South Korea Railway Network Administration and the accompanying delegation to Atatürk House and Railways Museum in the National Struggle.

The Korean delegation listened to TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, who shed light on the history of the railroad since the Ottoman Empire, could not hide his admiration for the Museum.

Jun, Man-Kyung, Vice President of the South Korean Railway Network and his accompanying delegation, who said that they were very impressed by the Museum, which was built by the Ottoman Empire in 1892 and exhibited works related to railways from 1856 to the present day, said, “We liked your museum very much. Since our time was limited, we could only visit the Railways Museum. We hope to devote more time to our next visit and to visit the Atatürk House and the wagon used by Atatürk in his domestic travels. ”


The building, which is located in TCDD Ankara Station Complex, was used as the command center during the National Struggle years and is also known as the eksiyon Steering Building “.

In the Steering Building, one of the headquarters of the national struggle, which hosted many important decisions taken between 1920-1922 years;

. Action plans of the War of Independence were prepared,

. 21 On October 1921, the negotiations and the signing ceremony of the Ankara Agreement with France took place,

. On April 23 1920 Turkey's Grand National Assembly and the establishment of 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day is celebrated as the decisions taken,

. “Domination belongs unconditionally to the nation.” The word was pronounced by Ulu Önder for the first time in this residence.

TCDD, in order to perpetuate Atatürk's cherished memories, Atan who have passed on their postage stamps reminiscent of the first anniversary of his death and is a distinguished place in the history of the Republic of Turkey rearranging this building, on 24 December 1964 has opened to the public as a museum.

Atatürk Residence Museum is the first Institution Museum in the status of a private museum under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.

The stone building with original lock arches, stone decorations on the corners and wooden eaves of the roof is designed as two floors.

At the Atatürk Residence, which is organized as the ground floor of the Railways Museum, various documents, commemorative medals, scissors, rail samples and silver service sets used in the wagons and dinner wagons from the 1856 to the present day are among the works exhibited in the museum. In addition, seals, diplomas, identity cards, tickets, locomotive plates used by TCDD in train management, telephone and telegraph machines used in communications are also offered to visitors.

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