The Foundation of Konya New YHT Station Underpass Has Been Launched

the foundation of the new yht gari underpass in konyada
the foundation of the new yht gari underpass in konyada

One of the most important investments of Konya, the High-Speed ​​Train Station Building and the intersection of the Railway Street was laid by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

Speaking in the ground-breaking program, Konya Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay said that they took pride in making the beginning of the new era by taking up their arms as mayors. Noting that an important project will be implemented for the transportation of Konya, President Altay said, desi We are providing a significant space for our pedestrians who come to our train station at the same time as this sub-passage, which allows the railway street to continue its continuous traffic. Our citizens have high expectations about traffic. We also strive to meet it. Our new YHT station will be at the center of Konya public transportation axis. This will be an area where all those coming from outside the city will initially stop and disband and will be the center of the public transportation axis with the realization of our metro axles and finally the suburban line. Thus, this subway will be an important function for our citizens coming here. Böylece


In his speech, 3-4 3 pedestrian overpass that started months ago and completed their economic life, they are about to complete the pedestrian overpass at the Medas Jun. Konyalılar once again showed us that they deserve the best of all kinds of services, all kinds of thanks, giving us the highest support among the metropolitan cities in the election. We, together with all our mayors, will serve to Konya for the purpose of serving Konya with the support of our ministers, deputies and organizations. Hopefully, living in a very fertile five years, we will implement such many projects. İn

President Altay lastly went to Saudi Arabia for a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.


AK Party Konya deputy Selman Ozboyaci, the city's traffic is relieved in terms of relieving the city and more effective use of the sub-parade of the importance of the great importance of saying, wished to be good.

Ziya Altunyaldız, the AK Party deputy of Konya, said, yal The caravan of production, which started on the day when the Mayors took their mazburi, will take five years with the permission of Allah. And together with the leadership of our President, we declare that we will be serving Konya for a period of five years. Ve

AK Party Konya deputy Haci Ahmet Ozdemir, standing in the splendor of the new high-speed train station expressed their pride, the new gate to the front of the new station wished to be good.

AK Party Konya deputy Ahmet Sorgun, taking the importance of starting a beneficial service on the day of taking the mazbatalarını, the construction of the New YHT Train Station and thanked everyone who contributed to the lower passage.

After the speeches, the foundation of the underpass, which cost 22 million pounds, was laid with prayers.



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