The trams donated by the cone entered service in Sarajevo

The trams donated by the konya have been put into service in Sarajevo: All 20 trams donated by Konya Metropolitan Municipality to Bosnia and Herzegovina have been put into service in Sarajevo.

With all of the trams donated by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the public transportation has become better quality in Sarajevo.

After the trams bought from the Czech Republic were put into service by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, 20 of the old trams that were completely retired were donated to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The first of the donated trams started trials in Sarajevo this year, after the completion of the test drives, other trams started to be sent to Sarajevo by trucks. When all 20 trams sent were put into service in Sarajevo, the burden of public transportation decreased.

With the introduction of new trams in Konya, it was decided that 60 of the 20 old trams will be donated to Sarajevo in September 2014 in accordance with the protocol signed with Bosnian officials. The trams that suffered great damage due to the war in Sarajevo started to retire with the new trams coming from Konya.

German-made trams, which Konya Metropolitan Municipality donated to its sister city Sarajevo, greatly reduced the burden of public transportation. There are Konya inscriptions and whirling figures on the trams donated to Sarajevo. Thus, promotion of Konya is made in Sarajevo. The people of Sarajevo are very pleased with the trams sent from the sister city of Konya.

Avdo Vatriç, manager of Sarajevo public transportation company, stated that 20 trams donated from Konya will be used instead of 20 old trams in Sarajevo. Avdo Vatric stated that the existing trams were obsolete and damaged in the war and said that the trams donated by the sister city Konya were very pleased. Avdo Vatriç stated that 20 trams coming from Konya have eased the transportation load of Sarajevo and we are very pleased with the trams of Sarajevo, and we thank Konya Metropolitan Municipality as Sarajevo people.

Sarajevo citizen Kerim Mostarlic, on the other hand, was traveling with old and narrow trams. He stated that they are now traveling with wider trams and that they will not forget this gesture that Konya administrators made to Sarajevo.

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 18:28

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