Dirinler Making a Train Car in a Day

dirins are making a train wagon a day
dirins are making a train wagon a day

Dirinler, which has been manufacturing machine tools and presses since 1952 in İzmir, has signed a double revolution in the rail system with the brand Drinns. After the Underground Turning Machine, which reduced the 30-day process to 10 minutes, this time, a 24-meter giant milling machine capable of making a train wagon in as little as 65 hours was produced. In this short time, Dirinler produced a giant milling machine of 65 meters. Dirinler made a statement on the subject Industrial Machinery Board Member and Dirinler GMBH Managing Director Nihan alive, "Turkey and the most important care of turning the operation of the rail system in the world, metro and tram wheels. In old systems, it takes at least 1 month to dismantle and maintain the wheels of a single wagon, and we complete the process of a wagon in 10 minutes with the Underground Turning Machine we produce as the Drinns brand. ” Dirin stated that within half an hour, that wagon could be put into operation again within the rail system.


giving detailed information about the Underground Lathe subject Dirinler, said sector in a large volume of cars, noting that only bring what they focus on the wheel and Turkey's wagon production area for the elimination of foreign dependence that take place in the new studies. Dirin continued his speech with the following words: “We have accomplished a national and domestic revolution on this road we set out to strengthen the hand of our country in wagon production. With the Milling Machine, a wagon can now be produced within 24 hours. Turkey has imported these machines from abroad, but it ended in domestic production. " said.


Emphasizing the importance of R & D activities, Dirin concluded his speech with the following words: mas Thanks to our R & D Center, we are moving our targets further. We started 4.0 investments in the industry. Our aim; to produce machines that do not allow any malfunction. DrinnSmart 2018 was the result of this work. It's a system that says a failure. We develop this system and Turkey also committed to move to the highest level with this product. "She said. (the stendüstr)



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