Channel Istanbul Project to be canceled? Dollar Brake to Mega Projects!

channel istanbul project will be canceled mega projects to dollar brake
channel istanbul project will be canceled mega projects to dollar brake

The Kanal Istanbul project, which has been announced to be held on a continuous basis but has not been auctioned for a long time, now seems to be tied to the dollar rate!

All Turkey closely followed by Channel not announced a date for the expected tender types Istanbul project. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization announced that the halen first digging will be in November 2018 X by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Dollar Rises Dry, Tender Zora Has Entered!
The recent rise in the dollar exchange rate also raised the cost of the project. Previously, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan Channel Istanbul cost was announced as 15 billion dollars. Rising dollar exchange rate means that the worsening with each passing day Turkey for that amount. When Turhan made this statement, the cost of the project was determined as 82,5 billion with the exchange rate of that day, while 19 cost to 87 billion with the exchange rate of XNUMX April!

Alan Ekrem İmamoğlu Doesn't Want Channel Istanbul Project
Ekrem İmamoğlu, who started his career as Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the reason of the current account deficits was mega projects and said: başlayan This city has no such priority. There is no concept of being in need of this concept. Look, I'm doing research in Istanbul. 40 in this city has a risk of earthquake near the building, there is a refugee problem. Believe this city is arbitrary, If we talk about Channel Istanbul, let's discuss. Believe me I will discuss this issue, I find a single minute even empty.

Let's analyze this together. Let me tell you the scientific side of this topic. 3 and 4 billion cubic meters of excavation, with the excavation of the excavation where the projection is not certain projectors produce results.

They say 'Let's make 3 Island in the mouth of the Marmara and into the mouth of the Büyükçekmece lake in the mouth of Küçükçekmece.' They're in the project. Where these islands are on top of the earthquake line belt. This city has no such need for such trauma or the deity of Allah. Let's talk to the technical details but the time and not the right.
If a country makes the wrong investment at the wrong time, it experiences great troubles. Like today. Perhaps most of the current account deficits in Dogan origin are due to wrong investments being made at the wrong time. Many problems arise in terms of cities. Look, this city needs to produce at least one 50 - 55 mileage a year. They didn't get the 3 in 1. This is the issue, let's solve this. Konu

Economist Ozgur Demirtas “Mega Projects Should Not Be Reduced Mega
arguing that Turkey's most widely followed economist Ozgur Demirtas place among the mega-project of the US dollar exchange rate had wanted to raise the suspension of this project.

Describing what should be done to lower the dollar Demirtas announced the following items:
1) CBRT should make a statement against the rumors of me interest rate cuts ı in the market.
2) While the Central Bank interest rate is 24, State Banks should not give cheap credit to the market.
3) Public waste of any kind should be avoided.
4) Mega projects should stop.
5) Bureaucrats, not politicians, should come forward.
6) Investors should be taken and talked to investors.
7) Words such as eler Most ”” Very Çok ”Biggest Büyük” Very Very Large “should not be used in front of the investor. (emlakxnumx)

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