Authority to İmamoğlu for the Transfer of Başakşehir Kayaşehir Metro Construction

authorization of imamogl for the transfer of basaksehir kayasehir subway construction
authorization of imamogl for the transfer of basaksehir kayasehir subway construction

The AK Party majority members of the IMM Assembly, which convened extraordinarily to eliminate the imbalance in the budget due to the fight against the epidemic, IMM; IETT struck a serious scythe on the resource demands of İSKİ and its subsidiaries. The parliament's 4.6 billion lira borrowing authority, which was approved last year, was reduced to 648 million liras. Announcing that the cost of the Covid-19 epidemic to IMM has reached 6,5 billion liras, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe said that in this process, the South Korean Government allocated 135 billion liras to local governments, and that in Turkey, there was not a penny in the coffers of the municipalities, and their search for their own resources was prevented.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly convened extraordinarily with the agenda of seeking financial resources and increasing social assistance in order to correct the financial imbalance in the budget during the fight against the Coronavirus. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu A very small part of the domestic and foreign loan demands were met at the meeting, which was held under the chairmanship of the Yenikapı Eurasia Exhibition Center, taking into account the health measures and social distance rule.


Reports involving the granting of the 2020 billion lira borrowing authorization envisaged in the 4,6 budget were discussed in the parliament in order to correct the impaired financial balance of IMM due to the coronavirus. However, AK Party members, who have the majority in the parliament, approved 2 million liras of the domestic borrowing demand of 50 billion 400 million liras and 2 million liras of the domestic borrowing demand of 50 billion 248 million liras.

President Ekrem İmamoğlu, reminded that a borrowing of 2020 billion liras is foreseen in 4,3 for debts from previous years, investment and current expenditures, and this decision was passed unanimously by the IMM Assembly last year.


Istanbul, Turkey and the world that you live in a normal period and extraordinary months reminding İmamoğlu, "Currently Covidien IMM-19's effect is 6,5 billion pounds. We anticipate that this estimate will grow further. This is also the number of downsizing in the world. We don't want a charity from anyone here. We make a decision on behalf of the public, to manage the process. We have taken enormous savings measures to create equivalent budgets. In 2020 we had to work on jobs that had to be stopped. We have to do this so that we can overcome this difficult process of humanity. ”


Wishing that the decisions taken would be beneficial to İBB and Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “But unfortunately, there was a meeting where a bad process was managed in the budget management of the municipalities. Budget is not handled realistically. I want to share the sadness of this. We wish it was a meeting where politics would not speak. But this aspect has been left incomplete ”.


Stating that the Mayor of Seoul announced that it was 135 billion lira to local governments in South Korea, Imamoğlu continued:

"Currently one lira will enter the budgets of local governments by the central government in Turkey is not defined. This is a grave situation. Municipalities do daily, instant touch jobs to citizens. These decisions are written down in history. Let me underline this. This is a big mistake during the pandemic period. Leave the things we have to do with the money we find, we have to do this to pay the debts from the past. My heart would have wanted it to be a political decision today. Unfortunately, we have paid the price of managing the IMM in the past. But we will overcome you, don't worry. We will save this IMM. ”


Another report, which included the domestic borrowing of 230 million Turkish lira in order to ensure the deteriorated financial balance of IETT due to the epidemic, was accepted with the addition of the statement of "Using 2020 million lira in 100".

Stating that the IETT buses work with an average of 20 passengers due to the measures, the CHP Group said that the buses were used as a taxi, and that the AK Party's proposal was a decision not to run IETT.

Mayor Imamoglu also pointed out that the number of passengers for 2 months has fallen to one in 8, saying, “We are experiencing an extraordinary situation. In the course of the epidemic, all of this debt is a limit that IETT will have difficulty in completing the year. You are in a position to make this account better than me. You are making a political decision. But this is 230 million needs. If you give 330 million today, it is even more needed. It is a political decision to say that we have reduced it to 100 million. I am sharing a statement of Tevfik Göksu Bey, 'Manhood is to share what is with you' ”.

The report, which includes the use of 765 million Turkish lira domestic loan to continue the investments and services of ISKI during the epidemic, was also attached to the AK Party members. In the parliament, the proposal of the AK Party, with the commentary of using 250 million Turkish lira and paying the subcontractors, was accepted.


The proposal, which included the funding of 16 companies with a total of approximately 1,9 billion domestic borrowings, was supported by the majority of the İBB affiliates due to their decreasing revenues during the outbreak. With the majority of the AK Party; only İGDAŞ 500 million lira, İSTAÇ 42 million lira, METRO İSTANBUL has been authorized to borrow 30 million lira.

CHP Group SözcüSü Tarık Balyalı stated that they were trying to get their subsidiaries, which were borrowed from İBB in the past, back to the pandemic process and said:

“They are reducing the debt of 1 billion 50 million liras we have foreseen to İGDAŞ to 500 million liras. İGDAŞ was a company with a very good cash flow and no need for borrowing. However, in the cash bottleneck that IMM fell in 2017 and 2018, this company was used as a political backbone and is 1 billion 740 million liras. Due to this figure, İGDAŞ became a debtor. We are trying to continue investments in İSTAÇ. METRO ISTANBUL suffers losses due to the very low number of passengers. The AK Party takes decisions that cause these companies to fail with restrictions. The AK Party is trying to prevent this while making efforts to help those in need all over the world during the pandemic process. ”


A series of resolutions were also made at the IMM Assembly that would ease the residents of Istanbul. The report of the General Directorate of İSKİ, including the postponement of water bills between 19 April and 17 July in residences and non-operational workplaces in order to reduce the effects of the Covid-16 outbreak on economic and social life, was approved unanimously.


The report, which includes the fees to be paid to İBB and the costs arising from the lease and the postponement of the sales for 3 months and the tenants not to pay the rents during the period of inactivity, was unanimously approved. The report, which also includes the lease of the advertisement areas of IMM for 3 months, was accepted unanimously.


On the other hand, the IMM Assembly reduced the admission price of domestic and commercial IMM recycling facilities from 103 lira to 50 lira due to the epidemic. AK Party members also offered intercity buses to be free during the pandemic of the Grand Istanbul Bus Terminal. Both offers were accepted.


The report, which included the authorization of President İmamoğlu for the transfer of the construction and control works of the Başakşehir-Kayaşehir Rail System Line, which was stopped in the past, to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, was unanimously approved. Reminding that the line was stopped by the mayor in 2018 and that it was ordered to start again 8 months later, Imamoglu said that only 7 percent could be completed until their term. Underlining that they have initiated 4 metro constructions that were stopped in the past, they have also attempted to activate this line and continued their words as follows:

“Başakşehir-Kayaşehir Rail System is a line without external borrowing due to the weaknesses of the tender. We talked with Mr. Governor that we wanted to do this project and asked for support from those concerned. We declared that with the support of 100 million euros to be provided from Iller Bank, we can connect and train this line to the main lines at the Hospital Station at the end of this year. However, state officials and banks declared that they would not give us credit. This subway also needs to be built, a city hospital was built there. With the Presidential Decree, it was decided to transfer this subway to the Ministry quickly and to cut this money from the budget of IMM after it was finished. We already wanted resources to do. Now the Presidency will use the source on its own. For us, I am the Presidency and the IMM Presidency. So it doesn't matter, if he does, the state, if he does, the state. We cooperate with pleasure to do this work. ”

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