Çaycuma State Hospital Funicular 27 Carries 14 Thousand 419 People per Day

caycuma state hospital funikuler thousand thousand people carried
caycuma state hospital funikuler thousand thousand people carried

Since the day it was put into service in the City Elevator (Funicular), which was completed in order to provide pedestrian access to Çaycuma Municipality's State Hospital, 14 thousand 419 people have boarded it.

The funicular system made by Çaycuma Municipality to provide pedestrian access from Abdullah Kalaycı Street to the State Hospital was opened with the ceremony held on March at 21. Citizens, Abdullah Kalaycı Street from the sub-station they take the elevator 108 meters by traveling to the front of the hospital can easily reach. With the system similar to the varagele in the hearths, at the same time, the citizens of the upper station are coming down with the other cabin.

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Between the 07.30 and the 19.30 hours, the funicular 12 provides free hours of service. On weekdays, the average 700-800 person uses the elevator every day. This number drops a little on weekends. 21 from 17 to 27 by 2704 in April 14.419 was used by XNUMX people. Citizens can easily reach the hospital with the joy of being alive. (the Pusulagazete)

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