Alaçam Sahili Parıldıyor, Bafra Işıl Işıl! ..

Alacam Coast
Alacam Coast

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin supervised the ongoing works in Bafra and Alaçam districts on site.

Turkey Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, while leaving the mind behind the March 31 local elections Sahin, construction in districts without interrupting the pace of work set out to examine ongoing work and projects. Zihni Şahin, who visited the districts of Bafra and Alaçam, said, "The service race for Samsun people will continue without slowing down from now on."

President Zihni Şahin first went to Alaçam District and examined the coastline and social facility arrangements in Geyikkoşan location. Zihni Şahin, Alaçam Mayor Mayor Hadi Uyar and Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department President Serkan Çam attended the investigation trip, “We examined the Geyikkoşan Beach Project, which has sports facilities, parks, picnic areas and restaurants by the Metropolitan Municipality. I wish that the project, which will be opened to the use of our citizens with the opening of the season, will be beneficial for our district and Samsun ”.

Zihni Şahin, who went to Bafra after his visit to Alaçam, first visited Mayor Hamit Kılıç and celebrated for his success in local elections. Mayor Zihni Şahin, then President Hamit Kılıç, AK Party District President İbrahim Semiz, MHP District President Barbaros Turna, Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department Head Serkan Çam, Bafra Municipality's department chiefs, Youth Street, Yaşar Doğu and Alaçam Street and Cumhuriyet Square ' He examined the lighting and printing concrete pavement works completed on site.

Saying that Bafra is shining brightly at night with the new arrangements made, Zihni Şahin said, “I wish all the work to be beneficial to our district. I believe that the missing ones will be completed by Mustafa Demir, who is elected to the Metropolitan Municipality. We had the opportunity to make visits that we could not do due to the density of choice. I had the happiness to examine the works that I follow continuously. I believe that our Metropolitan Mayor and all mayors elected in 17 districts will not slow down in service for Samsun and Samsun residents. Everything is for our Samsun, for the people of Samsun. ”

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