Signaling Electric and 45 percent of Railway Infrastructure in Turkey

i face of the rail infrastructure in Turkey and electrical signals
i face of the rail infrastructure in Turkey and electrical signals

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, railway, electricity, signaling and communication infrastructure to increase the capacity to make it more secure and comfortable said that they have made.

Turhan said, “If you do not have your signaling, electrification, communication system in the conventional system in railway transportation, the train can move behind when the carrier train sets arrive at a station. With this communication system we make, trains will be able to communicate and track each other. This is important for security. After the accidents, we have been criticized as “You have opened and operated the line without signal”. 45 percent of the railway infrastructure in our country is electrical and signaled. We made the infrastructure, changed the rails, improved the balances and the sleepers, and strengthened them. ”

Drawing attention to the importance of the amount-distance relationship in transportation, Turhan said, “Our country has grown, developed, and the movement of goods and people has increased. The travel movements in our country have increased to 3, and the load movements to 3,5. This also shows that our country is growing economically. ” used the expression.

“Railways will be focused”

Turhan, the new era will give more weight to railways, stating, said:

“We will increase the capacity of our railways. The railroad can be 3 times cheaper than the highway in terms of transportation costs input, when a product can compete in the world market. This is a very important issue. Due to the amount-distance relationship previously, the input of transportation costs in a good and service was close to 2000 percent according to the calculations we made in the 15s. We made the divided roads, improved our roads, raised the standards and pulled it to 10 percent. ”

17 537 139 XNUMX invested in the last year, XNUMX billion pounds of the investment-transfer model with the transfer of the transfer of the transfer of the Turhan said, these are implemented in the country's investment environment has been improved and made more secure.

Turhan, Turkey, pointing out that both attract capital they both needed the realization of the project "Istanbul Airport $ 10 billion facility. We did not spend public resources in this and were put into operation. The operator will pay us 822m euros per year. ” found the assessment. (UBAK)



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