Denizli's New Ring Road Opens to Traffic Today

the new way of the sea is now open to traffic
the new way of the sea is now open to traffic

The 50-meter-wide New Ring Road completed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality opens to traffic at 12:2019 in the evening (March 17.00, XNUMX). With the New Ring Road that will connect Ali Marım Boulevard to the Hal Köprülü Crossroad, tens of thousands of vehicles will avoid getting into the city center traffic. Inviting all citizens to the opening, President Osman Zolan said that they are very happy to put another giant investment in transportation into service.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out the transportation projects carried out throughout the city one by one, completed the New Ring Road project which was started to work a while ago. In this context, the New Ring Road, 50 March 12 will be opened on Tuesday at 2019: 17 with a ceremony in front of Nalan Source High School. 00 Evler, Yenişehir, Justice, Gümüşler, Üçler, Göveçlik, Yenişafak, Hisar, Hallaçlar, Barutçular, Bereketlar, Çakmak, Kadılar and dozens of neighborhoods in Karahasanlı district with the New Ring Road that will connect Ali Marım Boulevard to Hal Junction and from here to Ankara road safely.

Total 8 lanes

Tens of thousands of vehicles to enter the city center to save the New Ring Road, will reduce the traffic density significantly. The new Ring Road consists of 4 departures, 4 arrivals, 2 parking area, bicycle path and bus pockets. In both directions, there is also the 3 smart junction on the ring road where the sidewalk is located.

“Good luck to our sea“

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that the construction of the new ring road was completed and 12 will open to traffic on 17: 00 on Tuesday. Mayor Osman Zolan said, lı Our 50 meter-wide ring road will be a good luck to our city. Our citizens will be able to reach the point they want to go to without getting into the city center traffic in a more secure, economical and easy way. We made a good-looking sea, we will be auspicious lucky yapt.



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