Visitor Record at Denizli Teleferik

Visitor Record in Denizli Teleferik: Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, which was realized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and became an alternative tourism center since the day of service, broke a record on Sunday. 31 On January 2016, 8 bin 348 visited the Denizli Cable Car and Father's Plateau. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said, başı Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau is the center of attraction not only for Denizli but also for the region. Since the opening of the flock of visitors is a sign of how accurate a job we are. Aç he said.

Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau opened by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in October of 2015 was visited by 8 bin 348 last Sunday. Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, which have contributed greatly to the alternative tourism of Denizli, continue to flood visitors. Denizli people who have the opportunity to enter the half-year holiday, an 400 meter altitude at a height of 200 views and snow to visit the cable car and the plateau is visiting. Those who want to get away from the city's stall experienced a different day by meeting with the snow in the Bağbaşı Plateau. Color images appeared with intense interest. Your wife enjoyed the most children. In the postcard scenery landscape, seventy-seven everyone lost the sled, played snowballs. Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, where 21 was paid, hosted the most visitors 31 January Sunday after November. 8 thousand 348 visitors have registered as a new record.

“This shows that we are doing a right job“
Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan said that Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, which has attracted intense interest from visitors since its opening, was a right investment. Mayor Zolan said, ik Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau, which brought a new breath to Denizli in terms of alternative tourism, became the center of attraction not only for Denizli but also for the region. We are happy to appreciate and embrace our investments by our people. When we see this interest of our citizens, it shows how accurate we are doing. Vat

Turizm Contributes to Denizli's tourism “
Zolan, the chairman of Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, which adds a different atmosphere to Denizli and makes great contributions in terms of tourism, said: “Denizli is an important investment in terms of tourism. kazanwas. When we implemented the facilities here, we did not only look at the event as a cable car. The cable car is just one leg of this business. On another leg of this is Bağbaşı Plateau. Our citizens go up to 1.400 meters by cable car by watching the view of Denizli. Afterwards, it comes to Bağbaşı Plateau with our free shuttles. There is a completely different environment there. You breathe the highland air and they spend a nice day in our facilities belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality. While there is no snow in the center of Denizli, visitors enjoy the snow on the plateau. They can stay in our bungalow houses. Buda makes significant contributions to Denizli tourism.”

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