Escalator to TCDD Station Square Underpass in Nazilli

nazillide tcdd station square underpass
Escalator to TCDD Station Square Underpass in Nazilli

Halil Altincık, the mayor of Nazilli and the joint candidate of the Alliance, examined the escalator to be built on the TCDD Station Square underpass connecting the Cumhuriyet Quarter and Altıntaş Quarter. Haluk Alıcık who examined the lower passage with Mehmet Özmen, the Headman of the Republic, heralded that the tender will be held in March.

Haluk Alıcık, who clarified the subject of 'underpass', which is an important project that concerns not only the two districts but also the entire Nazilli, which Muhtar Mehmet Özmen has frequently voiced for 4 years, announced that the march that he took among the election promises will be put out to tender in March. As a result of the negotiations with the TCDD Regional Directorate, Alıcık said that the 2,5 million TL project has reached the tender stage. Stating that hundreds of people come and go every day and dozens of train services are going to be built in the underpass at the Station Square, Alıcık said, “An agreement was signed by TCDD on the construction of an escalator. Work will begin as soon as possible. This project, which especially concerns the disabled and the elderly, is very important to us. ”

Muhtar Mehmet Özmen, who stated that he had done the things to be done by discussing the issues related to his neighborhood with the relevant institutions during his tenure, was happy to learn that the 'underpass' escalator project that we care about most came to the tender stage. I would like to thank all the municipal staff, especially the mayors of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality and Nazilli Municipality, who serve our neighborhood ”. The residents who expressed their happiness that the Station Square underpass project will be operational, thanked the Mayor Haluk Alıcık and Muhtar Mehmet Özmen and wished them success in the election works. (the Sesgazete)

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