How is Energy Efficiency Delivered?

How to ensure energy efficiency in transportation
How to ensure energy efficiency in transportation

Sakarya University Academic and Social Development Center (SASGEM) organized a conference on laştır Energy Efficiency in Transportation: Public Transportation Case Sak.

The conference was held at SAU Culture and Congress Center. Lecturer. İrfan Pamuk joined as a speaker.

Talking about the necessity of transportation planning at the conference, İrfan Pamuk said that transportation was handled under four main headings: land, water, air and pipelines. The rapid development of automotive technology strengthens the belief that transportation problems will be solved via land routes. Lecturer. Pamuk, kel Especially in developed and rich countries, continuous roads and automobiles are produced. However, it is observed that environmental problems have started to increase along with car ownership. The problems in traffic, the lack of roads, parking areas and energy resources are examples of these problems. In order to overcome these problems, the concept of transportation planning has emerged. Bu

Artır Road use in transport increases accidents “

Explaining the energy consumption in the transport with the graphs and data covering the European countries and the USA, Pamuk said that there is an energy consumption above the 30 in the world. of the total energy consumption in the transport sector that transmits the information with a share xnumx'lik Cotton percent in Turkey, "21 percent of our country passenger transport, road transport is taking place with the 95 percent of freight transport. The fact that the highway has a great weight in this regard has been the most important reason behind the traffic accidents, Kar he said. Cotton, said these rates have changed since the 91 year, high-speed train and air way in terms of price advantage came forward, he added.

Emphasizing that the right planning should be done for public transportation. Lecturer. İrfan Pamuk said that public transportation requires expensive investments, and without planning, even the most expensive systems cannot solve the problem. Stating that the infrastructure facilities that will be deprived of the planning will be of little contribution to the business, Pamuk emphasized that this contribution will increase with a good planning and operation planning.

In his speech, Pamuk, who explains the expedition and operation planning, explained the use of railways, highways and sea routes with examples from the table prepared with 2018 data.

At the end of the conference, Lecturer. İrfan Pamuk was presented with a gift to his member. (Angel Crested- is)

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