50 Billion Euro Additional Investment in Railways in Germany

billion euros additional investment in railways in germany
billion euros additional investment in railways in germany

Bild am Sonntag reports that the German government is preparing to invest in 10 billion euros in the next 50 railway infrastructure

It has been reported that an investment of 10 billion euros will be made in the rail infrastructure in Germany in the next 50 years. Bild am Sonntag newspaper, which announced the news, did not reveal its sources.

According to Bild's report, the German Ministry of Finance aims to implement a 10-year investment program. Within the scope of the planned investment, it is stated that the fund used for the maintenance of the railway network will be transferred 2020 billion euro annually between 2025 and 1 and 2025 billion euro annually between 2030 and 2.

The newspaper did not provide information on how the remaining amount would be spent. The state-controlled German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) currently owes 20 billion euros.

The German government, which reviews the railway plan every five years, is now spending annually 3,5 billion euros in maintenance work.

One of the largest railroad company in Europe, DB sözcüs, in a statement to Bild, refrained from commenting on the ongoing talks on the issue, but said that extending the duration of the plans from five to 10 years "would benefit them".

Stating that they will gain gains in terms of "planning security" in such a situation. sözcü"We can coordinate our construction works better and reduce the impact on rail traffic even more," he said.

The planned investment is planned to be approved by the Federal Assembly.

Criticism towards DB increased

The news about the investment plan came at a time when complaints about security concerns about aging railway infrastructure and the delays in the DB flights have intensified.

The DB launched a modernization project of about 10,7 billion euros last month.

With this project, the company aims to improve 500 train stations and 650 bridges, as well as a 300-kilometer rail. DB has appointed a special officer to increase efficiency, as the punctuality rate of trains drops to 70 percent. (DW)



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