TCDD Transportation 2019 Year In-Service Training Started

tcdd transport service training started
tcdd transport service training started

TCDD Transport General Manager Erol Arıkan opened the 2019 Year In-Service Training Program of the organization on 25 March 2019.

In his opening speech; 01 January 2017 date of its own resources, plans, programs and budget continues to operate with the organization's thousand of passenger and freight trains per day rotate the wheel, thousands of miles traveled and thousands of lives entrusted to them, hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo with a great devotion transport said.

Ze Marmaray Gebze-Halkalı We have been serving 500 thousand passengers a day in the suburban line b

Erol Arıkan, General Manager, emphasizes the necessity of human-oriented services 24 hours a day, 365 days a day, without saying summer and winter, “The commissioning of the high-speed and high-speed railway lines that is being built increases our duty and responsibility. Marmaray Gebze, which started to be operated by our organization on 13 March 2019,Halkalı The number of passengers carried on the suburban line reached 200 per thousand in the week. It is expected that this figure will reach 500 million thousand in the coming years. Larda

”It is planned to start passenger transportation in BTK in 2019“

with daily high-speed train TCDD Transport, with conventional trains, Marmaray and that they carry thousands of passengers and freight through the suburb lines as BAŞKENTRAY Arikan, underlined that international railway corridor of the most important segments forming the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway with intercontinental transport the cornerstone of Turkey.

”TCDD Transport guides rail transport ılı

With the liberalization of railway transportation, Arıkan also pointed out that the new railway train operators had responsibilities to guide TCDD Transport in the process they started to enter the sector. . We must not lose the 12 annual railway knowledge, experience, culture, the unique spirit of the railway profession by working voluntarily.,

“Great family“

Noting that 41 is a member of the family of the railroad, General Manager Erol Arıkan has recently stated that; Diğer The cornerstone of the railway profession, which I am always proud and proud of being a member, is the deep commitment to the railroad that distinguishes it from other professions. Being conscious of the fact that we are a big family, the fact that each of the railroad brothers who work in the remotest corner of our country come to work in peace with their power means that all of us are peaceful and that our business is of a higher quality. Of course, in-service trainings are of great importance in the best quality, the best, the most beautiful and the safest way. The fact that my brothers from all four corners of our country reinforce their knowledge and experience in these trainings as well as their fusion with each other and the awareness that we are a big family constitute the most important part of the trainings. Ül

After the meeting, General Manager Erol Arıkan evaluated the targets related to passenger and freight transportation with the heads of departments and the related managers.

TCDD General Directorate of Transportation, which is organized in two periods a year, can participate with its family in the central and provincial organizations of our country.

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