The History of Uludağ will be shown with Photograph Event

uludagin history will be told with a photo exhibition
uludagin history will be told with a photo exhibition

Bursa City Museum, which is one of the most important cultural places of Bursa with its qualified exhibitions and activities, which are among the award-winning museums of Europe, is the establishment of 16. it will host a very colorful exhibition on the anniversary.

Known as the most popular mountain of the near geography, which has not lost its importance and value for thousands of years, the existence of natural beauties from mythology to the present day, all aspects of the Uludag from the past to the present day 'Uludag's Popular History' exhibition, Bursa City Museum will meet with art lovers in the exhibition hall.

The glorious witness of empires

Artist İlhan Özer's fiction in the exhibition, which makes it popular for thousands of years, natural structure, vegetation, birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, waters, summers, winters, villages, villages, Yeşilçam cinema provides white décor, weeks of life camps, The daily picnic culture, indispensable for New Year's and sermon holidays, is displayed with various materials. The Bithynia Kingdom, the glorious witness of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations of Uludag, is also discussed in every exhibition of the monuments of Anatolia.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Bursa City Museum 16. 23 February 2019 (YARIN) will be held at 17.00.

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