Denizli Ski Center Becomes the Glowing Star of Winter Tourism

maritime ski resort was a glowing star of kis tourism
maritime ski resort was a glowing star of kis tourism

The biggest ski center of the Aegean, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has implemented to increase the tourism diversity in the city, has become the shining star of winter tourism. Total 13 km long track with 9 centers primarily serving world class suffers Denizli and Turkey, including the influx of visitors from around the Aegean.

Denizli Ski Center, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has implemented to have a say in the city's winter tourism, has become the shining star of winter tourism. Shortly, the name and the most preferred one of the venues for the quality of Denizli announcing winter sports Ski Center, is undergoing intensive visitors flock to Turkey from around the mainly Denizli and neighboring provinces. Located in Bozdağ, which is within the boundaries of Tavas district with an altitude of 75 thousand 2 meters, 420 kilometers from the city center, the biggest ski center of the Aegean serves with 13 tracks of 9 kilometers in total. It has all kinds of opportunities for amateur and professional skiers and those who want to snowboard, while there are 2 chairlifts, 1 teleski and walking belt. In the mechanical facilities, where 2.500 people can be transported per hour, there are also social structures that will meet all the daily needs of the visitors.

“We made our way to the sea“

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that Denizli Ski Center is an extremely important investment for Denizli in terms of tourism. Environmental province of the many that flooded with visitors representing President Osman Zola, "Denizli Ski Center is not only the people of Denizli especially Aydin, Mugla, Antalya and Izmir, including welcoming skiers from around by Turkey," he said. "We did what suits our sea," said President Osman Zolan, "We call our ski center, Erciyes of the Aegean, Uludağ. Our fellow countrymen who want to enjoy the snow and skiing and our guests from the surrounding provinces have fun and leave with unforgettable memories. ”

"Everything is very beautiful"

Visitors, who came to Denizli Ski Center, which was implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, and had fun with their hearts, emphasized that everything was beautiful and brought such a facility to Denizli. kazanHe thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Zolan.

Cem Güzel: I am a student at Pamukkale University. Normally, I live in Aydın. This is the first time I've come to such an environment. I didn't think there would be such a ski resort in Denizli. I was, but I was surprised when it came. The facilities and conditions are very nice.

Özer Özturhan: The facility is fine. People can have fun, I think it's good. There are social facilities to meet people's needs. There is no place for winter tourism in Denizli in the Aegean Region. From Muğla to Kütahya, from Afyon.

Deniz Aras Star: I am from Bodrum. The facility is very nice, the tracks are great, the environment is also very nice. I would like to thank the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. This is a very nice facility, the services are nice.

Can Gürbüz: I come from İzmir. My first time here. It was a place we followed from social media. We said 'Let's come and see' this weekend. Everything is beautifully done. I strongly recommend this place to everyone. It's a nice facility.

Yeter Vardar: I am from Aydın Söke. This is the first time I've come to such a center. I like it, we like it. The chairlift was very nice, the slider was very nice, it was exciting. Aegean Region is a region that does not know much. Therefore, I think it is extraordinary to have such a center here. I would like to thank Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for making us enjoy snow.

Aslı Özbay Yalçın: I had a chance to see Uludağ before. We didn't feel very cold because we liked the chairlift. It seems so crowded because it is close to the city center. Satisfied everything is very nice.

Gizem Şimşek: I've never seen this much profit in my life as a latin. This place is really nice. Holidays are very nice. The transportation is easy, we came from Muğla like 10: 30 12: We were here at 30. They will have no problems in terms of transportation. I think they are not so expensive and they can come and enjoy with ease.

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