Çamlıca Mosque Project

camlica mosque project
camlica mosque project

Çamlıca Mosque, is a mosque located in the city of Istanbul in Turkey. The mosque, whose construction started on March 29, 2013 in Çamlıca, Üsküdar, is the largest mosque in the history of the republic. The mosque with a capacity of 63 thousand people and 6 minarets has an area of ​​57 thousand 500 square meters. The mosque complex also has a museum, an art gallery, a library, a conference hall for a thousand people, 8 art workshops and a car park for 3 vehicles.

The diameter of the main dome of the mosque was 34 meters to symbolize Istanbul, and its height was 72 meters to symbolize 72 nations living in Istanbul. 16 of the names of Allah were written on the inner surface of the dome, in reference to 16 Turkish states. Two of the six minarets of the mosque are 90 meters, while the other four minarets are built 107,1 meters high, symbolizing the Battle of Malazgirt.

The mosque, which was announced to be finished on July 1, 2016, could not be brought up to this date, but was opened to worship. The first prayer was performed on the day corresponding to the Regaip Kandili on March 7, 2019, and the official opening was held by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on May 3, 2019.

Project name Camlica Mosque
Related Institutions Istanbul Mosque and Education-Cultural Service Units Making and Living Association*
environment and urban ministry
Project Area Size 57.511 m²
Project Type Religious facility
Defined Budget 111 million 500 thousand TL.
author Auspicious Rose Totu
Spring Spear
Building company Güryapı Contracting
Project Model -
Current status Construction continues. Urgent expropriation decision was made within the scope of the transportation project for the project.
Location Uskudar
Public Disclosure Date May 2012
Source where the Project Area is drawn "31.07.2012/1 scale revision implementation development plan for Büyükçamlıca special project area" approved on 1000.

May 2012
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “We will build a mosque over 15 thousand square meters next to the television tower in Çamlıca. This giant mosque in Çamlıca was designed to be seen from all over Istanbul. ” said.

June 2012
Culture and Tourism Minister Gunay announced that there is no project to build a mosque in Camlica.

July 2012
"Istanbul Çamlıca Mosque Architectural Project Competition" was opened by the Istanbul Mosque and Education and Culture Service Units Build and Survival Association.

Büyükçamlıca special project area, which is the development plan for the area, has been approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the implementation plan of the 1/1000 scale revision.

October 2012
The TMMOB Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch Büyük Çamlıca Special Project Area filed a lawsuit against the 1th Department of the State Council, demanding a decision to halt and cancel the execution of the 5000/1 scale Revision Master Plan and the 1000/6 scale Revision Implementation Plan.

November 2012
Competition results have been announced. While the first project was not chosen, two projects shared the second.
It was announced to the Çamlıca Hill that the mosque project prepared by Bahar Mızrak and Hayriye Gül Totu, which is one of the two projects awarded the 2nd prize in the competition, will be implemented.
The selected project sparked a lot of discussion.

February 2013
A change was made in the mosque project planned to be built on Çamlıca Hill. The number of minarets previously designed to be 7 has been reduced to 6.

March 2013
Construction machines started to operate on the mosque land to be built on Çamlıca Hill in Üsküdar.

July 2013
Construction tender was made for the construction of the mosque. Tender for 111 million 500 thousand TL. Gür Yapı İnşaat Taahhüt Turizm San. and Foreign Trade and Öz-Kar İnşaat Tic. And San. Inc. won the joint venture.

August 2013
The foundation was laid for the construction of the mosque.

December 2013
29% of the construction works of Çamlıca Mosque, whose excavation works started on March 20, was completed.

February 2014
Gür Yapı will complete the construction alone. Özkar Construction applied for bankruptcy postponement.

February 2014
It was announced that 50% of the construction was completed.

July 2014
It was announced that the Çamlıca Mosque is planned to open on July 1, 2016.

December 2014
Emlak Konut stated that it has provided 10 million liras for the construction of Çamlıca Mosque.

March 2015
75 percent of the rough construction of the mosque was announced.

November 2015
A worker died in the construction of Çamlıca Mosque.

January 2016
While the construction of Çamlıca Mosque was coming to an end, it was decided to urgently nationalize the immovables on the roads leading to the mosque.

April 2016
30 workers working in the construction of Çamlıca Mosque took action on the grounds that they were fired. The workers who climbed to the top of the minarets and cranes ended their protests at the end of the two-hour negotiation.

July 2016
Çamlıca Mosque was opened for worship, but its construction is still ongoing.

August 2016
The rough construction work in the mosque was completed with the K ubbey.

June 2017
It was announced that 85% of Çamlıca Mosque construction was completed and the mosque will be opened this year.

August 2017
In the neighborhoods around Çamlıca Mosque, the houses of some of the neighborhoods that could not compromise within the scope of urban transformation were sealed. Üsküdar Municipality website contains the following statement about urban transformation. “The region, whose prestige has increased with the construction of the Çamlıca Mosque, which will be the largest mosque in the history of the Republic, will be reconstructed with urban transformation.”

February 2018
Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen announced that Çamlıca Mosque will add great value to Istanbul with three phases. He stated that as Üsküdar Municipality, they are acting with the understanding of “on-site transformation” and “voluntary transformation”, and that the work will start from March for the sample transformation around Çamlıca Mosque, which is planned to be opened for worship in Turkmen Ramadan.

It was learned that the urban transformation that Üsküdar Municipality started with TOKİ on the skirts of Çamlıca Mosque will continue with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In the project, which is expected to be laid in May, 1500 thousand 2 units will be built instead of 200 units. 800 agreements have yet been reached with 200 of the XNUMX rights holders. In the project, besides the residence, a bazaar axis will be built near Çamlıca Mosque.

May 2018
It was learned that the opening of the Çamlıca Mosque, which is planned to be opened on the night of Kadir on 10 June, was postponed because it will not be completely finished.

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